A little update for you

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you are all well. I havent realy bloged much and will be busy over the coming week so i thought I would pass by and update you all.

So I watched the new episode of Friday Night Dinner on C4 last night. Oh my golly gosh that literally made me LOL. I mean the randomness of it, for example a strange guy who kept needin to use the family loo as his was broken and he seemed a bit pervy tbh. But the big highlight was when the guy who came to pick up a sofa, his dad died! (no thats not the funny bit, im not that nasty). He was given a cup of tea which had salt in it from an earlier attempted prank by one of the young lads (simon from the inbetweeners). So he drank the tea and was like wtf this has salt in it. He then got a glass of water which again had been pranked with salt. So the guy said and I quote "My dad has just died and you're putting salt on everything!!" LMFAO.

Next subject work work work! Yes I am now a bonified starry eyed freelance media producer :) Yay! The planning is going well, we had our productive times and our stressful times, there were even tears, but it is now happy happy days. Video shoot in just a few days I cannot wait :D

On a musical note (you see what i did there, dicussion about music and also an actual music note..) I hope you have all download the new Control-S mixtape. If not then guibgjbkkcgjnbkgnbn WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? ---> Control-S - Origins Volume 1 <---

Anyway, I must dash. Feel free to leave me a comment on here or why not follow me on twitter @MizzRuby_X

Mizz Ruby x


This made me LMFAO, so I thought i'd blog it :) http://twitpic.com/438w0c

Mizz Ruby x

Oh my golly gosh!

This is a quick update for you :)

The big big news, I landed my business partner and I a job for a major record company! We are producing a music video for the lovely Taya.

2nd March from 12pm we will be filming at Macy's Bar, Chingford. We need extras to be clubbers. Please contact me if you are able to help.

mizz-ruby@hotmail.co.uk or on twitter @MizzRuby_x

Mizz Ruby x

Time to turn on my ipod and write a new blog post :D

Hello again! Happy chilled out Sunday to you

It's only been a few days but crikey theres been a lot going on. First things first, i think i should say i am listening to Rusko-Hold On (ft Amber - sub focus rmx) which is an absolute tune for you dubstep loverss.

Okay, so last summer I helped out with a local film company @BerksIndieFilm , I was an extra and an assistant which I have to say was so much fun. Everyone was lovely and even though the days were long and tiring sometimes, it was a realy god experience. So basicly the film is about killer zombies , an insomniac , and other random characters. you can find out more here: Concrete Castles It is released in April so please help support it and watch it when it comes out :)

Next topic, Valentines Day. Just a little update basicly, to say hope u all have a good day if ur with someone you love and if not dont worry, this is the time for us single pringles to enjoy ourselves haha. You may be thinking that i did say earlier i would be spending it with someone, but unfortunatly because of inconveniences my plans changed :( But worry not, i do get my own special day from my lovely .. erm close very close mate? .. nope not together yet, again due to inconveniences :/ but im taking the "slowly, chasey, catchy, monkey" rule :) so fingers crossed it works out :)

Down to business! For those who don't know, I am a host, so if you or anyone you know need a host please contact me as I am looking for work. Also Mizz Ruby & Tzag Productions has been launched. If you need any adverts/videos produced please contact me.

Ways to contact me: Twitter @MizzRuby_x  / Email: mizz-ruby@hotmail.co.uk

To finish off I have Far East Movement - Like a G6 playing on my ipod :)

Mizz Ruby x

I really should do some actual work but hey..

Good evening bloggers/readers...

This post will be mainly about music, however, i wil probably ramble on about whatever else comes to mind later.. :)

I am currently sitting here listening to Kiss 100 which I have to say I love love love! I remember when I was a youngen, my brother used to have it on and I would jump about no his bed to the tunes. Yes I did rather annoy him :). Ok so now the new britney dubstep tune has come on, I didn't like it at first, but now I am quite hooked on it, and am of couse having a little singalong right now.

This is a massiveee shout out for some lovely folks who I promised I would write about. It is of course High Heels and Low Lifes , if you don't know who they are, then get to knowww! They are without a doubt my fav band atm, and yes I know I have love for Ndubz aswel, but these guys aer just brilliant. Please make sure to have a looksie at their music and support them http://soundcloud.com/highheelsandlowlifes Also look out for Mista Mee (one half of hh&lls) featuring on various tracks, which I will no doubt tweet to you all.

Other music loves include, Styles & Breeze for their hardcore anthems, Ndubz and well just about most things tbh. One thing about me is that I love everyone and everything music related!
La musique est ma vie <3

Last random point for the day is that I saw a status on facebook about guys with hairy chests which amused me. To clarify, if it is a nice sexy rugged kinda hairyness, or just a little bit then it is ok. The only time i say to shave it, is when it is just at the point where hardly any skin is visible because it is too much.

Mizz Ruby x

random ramblings x

So, it's day two of my blogging adventure. I find it's a good way to be creative and some people's blogs are rather interesting.

For instance, charlie hedges from kiss blogged about these trainers with heels (unlike the not so trendy ones in NewLook). I have to say they look ok, but i still don't like the idea tbh.

Other interesting blogs are from danny blaze and peter fellows. Their random rants and ramblings are quite interesting for those hours of boredom.

Anyway, today is my day off which completly messes up my head and always results to me thinking thursdays are the start of a new week #fail.

I wonder how many of you watch #mbfgw. It was quite amuzing last night, the top dog Paddy (not literally a dog, but sure looks like one) had 70 god children! Is it me or is that just a tad too much?

Valentines day on monday! Well the situation with me, is that i hope i get to spend it with him however he says things are going too fast. I do understand what he is saying, but due to occurences in the past i am utterly terrified that i am going to lose him..

Ok i think that is all i have to say for now. Feel free to leave comments and follow me on twitter @mizzruby_x

Mizz Ruby x

Why hello there :)

So I have decided to create a blog due to the fact that my life is just that special xD

First things first, you may be wondering who I am. Well I am Mizz Ruby, nice to meet you! I am currently a media student and woould like to pursue a career as a presenter on TV/radio.
Now on to the good bit..

This week has been absolutly brilliant! Little old me finally got myself an amazing guy! It sems so perfect, so lets just hope it stays that way ay. Other news this week, I spent a lovely four day weekend in London (which is always fun). I auditioned for Kiss100, unfortunatly did not get through to, however I was asked to do a video audition which I have submitted, so there is still hope! If you would like to watch here is the link: My Kiss Audition

Other than that, well I am just basicly loving life I guess. That is all :)

Mizz Ruby x