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Ok so I've got a mindblock today #LazySunday - so lets just see how this goes. 

Firstly if you like your comedy (who doesn't) , I recommend the Big and Clever podcast - Link - by the lovely @IamDannyBlaze & @KeithTrue . These boys which literally make you Laugh Out Loud, if it does not then feel free to hurl abuse at me :p

Footy - sorry if you don't like it skip this section - I just thought id clarify United for life.  Yes we did get beaten by Barca, but we only got beaten by the best team in the world. Also we did win the league so na narr :o) 

Grime lovers - I thought id chat a little bit about my DJ - @selectafewie - You can find some of his music here - Link - Also check out his shows on Nasty FM (Thurs 6-8pm) & Jamrock radio (Mon 8-10pm). If you would like to book this up n comer email myself (mizz-ruby@hotmail.co.uk) or contact 07754682379

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Dubstep/DnB/Jungle lovers - make sure you check out the Hospital Records podcast - Link - hosted by @LondonElek  

Another one of my fav shows has got to be the LMP Presents show on MOS - Link - by the lovely @LMPDJs

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Ah you funny f*ckers

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So these last few days have been quite random and amusing... 

So an old lady approached me the other day. She seemed lovely however, the old dearies need to learn not disrupt people on their daily outings. I did not want to hear about rambles about the church, your life stories, your family's lives, or Donny Osmond. 

Anyway, I took a trip down memory lane and visited an old mate. I could tell it would be eventful when the ticket machine wouldn't take my fivers therefore making me miss my train.

There were also engineering works so what normally would have been a 20 minute journey took 1 hour. On one of my changes these were the words of a train attendant "No smoking on the platform please (slightly louder tone) Hello.. Helloooo, Man with bag!" This was to a random dude who was just standing there lighting up, completely oblivious to the attendant. Brilliant! 

My last piece of amusement/frustration of the day was the taxi driver I had. Oh the irony of a taxi driver who hadn't a clue where he was going, he literally went round and round roundabouts, and had to ask several randomers for directions #fail
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A few new tunes x

So this post has been a strange one, somehow deleted itself and now its back!

Right you lovely lot, this ones a music post for ya ears! I have inserted free downloads, regular downloads and some music sites from a wide variety of genres for all you music lovers :-)

Recommended Downloads

Permanent St8 ft Taya - Really Care

Face T - Our World (FREE)

Face T - You Dun Know (FREE)

Kcat & The Mike Delinquent Project

Recommended Sites

Selecta Fewie... London based DJ managed by yours truly

Minda Music... An Aussie based music, film & video production company who just signed Permanent St8's latest track - The Promised Land. look out for the release soon! Check out their website below. 

LMP Presents blog... Lots of new tunes added every week. Also listen every Wednesday on MOS!

Charlie Hedges mixes... Go have a listen and tell her what you think, also have a looksie at her banterful blog

High Heels and Low Lifes... Lovely indie/electro band, check out their tunes, have a gander at their videos, buy their t-shirts...

Lauren Mason.... Lovely London girly with a voice like no other :)

Artful... original mr re-rewind artful dodger member has new music which can be found below

Mizz Ruby x