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Pigeons, yes pigeons! This post was inspired by one of these fellas flying into our living room window. My mates would probably say i have a slight phobia of them, this is true. Our (shite) area is full of them! I always flinch n squeal whenever they fly near me , and usually try my best to avoid them. Is that strange? But then again I am a bit of a major wimp when it comes to creepy crawlies, spiders, moths, and a few other (ugly) animals.... Oh dear i hope i don't get lots of haters from this.... speaking of controversy... have u ever had that feeling where u just wana kick a pigeon? Dont worry RSPCA .. type people i am wayyyy to chicken to ever do that and would feel utterly terrible :)

So I recently did my first interview for @ukgarage which will be uploaded onto the ukgarage.org website soon! Anyway It was rather exciting and went really well :) I did learn a few things about myself oddly. For example I cannot give good directions, I tend to point in the correct direction and say the opposite thing (saying left instead of right). Anyone else do this? Just me? It also turns out that my area is utterly useless, literally nowhere decent to go after 10pm! 
Cute Bunny Animation

I thought id leave you with this little video with is rather hilarious

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Just a few days left..

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Just a little Q&A x

Interview with Christopher (Permanent St8 producer) 

Tell us a bit about yourself
Well, first and foremost, I am a sincere dude with a touch of craziness.
It is very difficult for me to lie - no I'm not kidding hehe, at least once ^^ - life is short..... in it ! I'm very creative too - Well I think so at least  I like to simplify things and get things done properly 

How did you get started in the industry?
Well at first I started off by producing Techno, and then moved on to Electro until I found my love in Trance music - Progressive Trance mainly. I fused my electro influences in our trancey tunes - you'll soon know why when our four released will be out next month with Mindamusic records ^^

Do you have any tips/advice for young producers/DJs?
The best advice I think is to keep on pushing hard and never give up

Who are your influences?
Ferry Corsten, Armin , Tenishia who are a local duo, Sean Tyas, Vitalic as well - some electro influences there

Favourite song of all time?
hmmmmm, My fave song of all time is, let me think - this is a hard question. New Born - Muse 

What have you got planned for the future music wise?
Try to get famous, not for the money, but for the recognition; and respect; and to show some ''people'' what we can do.

Lucky dip question - sink or swim?

Any last words?
Don't let go, you got the music in you !

Think positive. Be happy. x

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Grime up and comer Selecta Fewie has also just released Grime Aint Dead volume 4!

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I would just like to start by saying thank you to all my regular/new readers, I nearly have 1000 views for just this month #iloveyouall.Also the majority of you are from Belgium! Don't really know much about Belgium other than I love the chocs #yum

One thing I remembered this week, was a few years ago we put a pin under this kids chair and he sat on i without feeling it! Yes we were harsh but thats my area for ya and the kid did bring it on himself, you know them ones where they just keep coming back for more.

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Another random story, I had a good catch up with one of the besties. She told me that one of our mates who was doing really well and seemed like he could run the world (not really just that he was clever n business minded) Anyway, so now he has decided to stay at his current job in a supermarket and his big goal in life is to run the supermarket. How do u go from such a bright future ahead to a pretty lame future ahead? #odd

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My life , My love -- La Musique

Selecta Fewie @selectafewie -- One of the freshest DJ's managed by myself @MizzRuby_x , is coming to Kiss100 @kissfmuk! Sunday 19th June check out his Midnight Mix. From 17th June you will also be able to find out more about him on the Kiss100 website or listen back to Fewie's mix after the 19th! - Website Link -- Much love to the Kiss team -- #Grime #Dubstep

Maltese duo Permanent St8 @PermanentSt8 have just released their latest podcast episode no. 5 - Free Podcast Link -- #Trance

>Danny Dubbz @DannyDubbz presents a new remix - Soundcloud Link -- #UKG
>June 15th 7pm @LMPDJs on Ministry Of Sound @ministryradio -- Every Wednesday
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>@iamdannyblaze & @keithtrue - Big and Clever - Podcast Link -- #Comedy 
>June 25th 7pm Roblad & Taya back to back classics show - Station Link -- #Hardcore
>DJ Cava @cavadj - Soundcloud Link - Free Mixes Link 

I would also like to say Smiffy P is the best @djsmiffyp   

And finally a lovely press release for you --- Mizz Ruby x

Press Release
For Immediate Release


Track entitled MIK – DPMO (produced by Nu Klear) set to be released June 20th, 2011. This grime smash has already been a massive hit and is on rotation on stations such as Kiss 100, Rinse FM, Nasty FM and UrbanFMTV. The track will be released on all major world wide digital stores including iTunes and Amazon.

Lets get busy, Do it grime all year round...”

This is real Grime automatic reload tune, skippy beat & skippy hype bars, bigup MIK making banger after banger.”
(DJ Selecta Fewie – Nasty FM / Jamrock Radio)

If you like it dirty, this track will make your ears dizzy and busy. Refill your mind ammo, because this stuff is not mellow! This Sh@# has some serious guns. Not for the faint hearted”
(Christopher – Permanent St8 producer)

Follow MIK (@ThatsMIK) and Nu Klear (@NuKlearMusic) on Twitter.

For further information contact:

*PRESS RELEASE* ft. my DJ! x

Nasty Fm Launch Party Press Release
On Friday 22nd July Nutmeg presents the Nasty FM launch night at Corsica Studios. The launch night will be an explosive celebration of the worlds rawest bass, syncopated beats, infused in a medley of stylistic charm.
Delivering world bass music on the night will be Marcus Nasty, True Tiger, Doc Daneeka, Altered Natives & DJ Mak10alongside Nasty FM residents.
We are also kicking of the launch night with a chance for up and coming DJs to win a DJ slot on the night.   All the details for this can be found here; www.Nasty.Fm/Competition
Full line up;




A few reviews and randomness

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Right first little review is for @CharlieHedges mixes which you can find here - Link - Lots of great tunes for the summer, the latest is the May mix with some new tunes, lots to dance to. 

There has been lots of good twitter banter this week, one of the topics was dreams. Have you ever had a dream about someone you chat to on a social network, or sleep paralysis, where you cant move in your sleep but you can feel and hear everything around you? It is very scary I must say. And also them ones where you know your dreaming and you try pinch yourself and slap yourself awake? Just me? 

Another little May mix is from @LMPDJs featuring some fresh new tunes - Link - Make sure you check out their other mixes to!

I found out just how bad my ends are, well I say found out, more like this just confirmed it. On my local bus this 10 year old kid decide to stand on the seats and open windows. Fair enough to him, he was hot. But the bus people wernt happy and said to get down, this kid then decides to get a bit gobby and starts mouthing off and even swearing at the old folks on the bus. Hmm , bad parenting? 

Last little mix for the UK Garage lovers, is from @DJGTE - Link - A free mix can be found at the bottom and also lots of new tunes can be found on the site page. 

I have another bus story, well more of a moan, so we have a regualr old guy who comes on the bus, he smells so extremely repulsive that it actually makes you gag (and not in the good way either). Im sorry but if you smell that bad, please have some considereation and DO NOT come on to a bus with other people who have to suffer. 

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My last topic is the power of advertising #MediaThoughts. The adverts for Old Spice and Radox shower gel / shampoo for men are so so different. Have these adverts appealed to any of the guys out there and made them buy their products? I really like the new Skittles and Lucozade ads. I mean how cool would thhat be if you touched something and it turned into skittles. #Epic 

NEW RELEASE: Camo and Krooked - Breeze Block 

captionIm gona leave you with this pic which someone tweeted #YUM

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