A little bit of celeb news

R.I.P. Whitney Houston.. Recap of funeral

Just a month since the birth of baby Blue Ivy Carter, the talented Beyonce still has her head in the music game. Is there nothing this woman can do? Co-writer of Halo said this to Theboombox.com "The conversations about her next album literally just started and there are two projects happening." 

DJ School anyone? Image 

Are you hot right now? DJ Fresh certainly is. The single with Rita Ora has been smashin the airwaves and the charts. What has Mr Fresh got for the future you say? Well this DnB lover has plans to work with Professor Green. Will they create another smash hit? more info

Love is.

You know when you thrown up twice you had a good night! Weddingss, i love them! What girl doesn't? To summarise, it was my cuz wedding, not mine (if only).I was a beautiful bridesmaid (yes i am vein). Anyway it turns out I have a gift of not falling ove rin 6-inch platform heels whilst dancing and completely off my face! Oh and if you are a bad DJ, you WILL know about it.

We have a new look! Click clicky

What is love? A mate of mine just said "love is like a book, there many chapter close one to open an another. But sometimes it's too long between 2 chapters. I don't close my last chapter since 3 years but i see the next 
one and I love it." I say it is when you do anything for that one person, when they're happy, you're happy, 
when they're sad, you're sad. And you'd do anything to make them smile. 

It's cold. please don't snow anymore.

So was Valentines day yesterday, obviously us single soggy old pringles were a bit down (understatement). Yes yes, it is just a day, but hearing love songs and seeing and hearing about friends' happy relationships and how they are being showered with love just enhances the factBlah Blah that you're on your own, which is a bummer. And please tell me, why do we fall oh so badly for the ones we cannot be with? 

Stop Knife Crime

Everyone's lives should be respected, no one should have the right to take away a person's life just for "a laugh". In my opinion anyone who inflicts so much pain on another for no reason should understand how it feels to have the same done to them, they should be named, shamed and have the same lack of respect they show others. Children should not be brought up into a world with people who have a total disregard to someone's life. Nor should a child be raised to think abuse to random people is okay. We shouldn't have to worry about walking to the shops, or about our local streets. It is not cool or funny and is absolutely not acceptable in any way.

To everyone who supported my campaign February 2012 thank you so much, here are just some of them...