Tears For Him

I'm always there or you stuck to you like glue
Remember those times u needed someone who was there for u? Me
U tell me I'll see u soon , when ? Next weekend. Been two years I'm sill waitin for that weekend
I don't Wana give up I just can't lose you
I don't know how you feel u just confuse me
I don't know what to do everything's a mess
How did it get this way why does it hurt 
To love someone and want someone so damn much 
I cannot have u it kills me inside 
Theres no one in the world I care about more
I want you to be happy to always be smiling
I want me to be happy but I'm tired of trying
Do u ever think about me or wish I was there?
Or is it just lust please show me u care 
My tears are running dry it's been far too long
This sadness deep inside why won't it stop 
I used to be positive so happy so free
Now I'm so cautious, stressed out I want to be me
Come meet me halfway make me feel special
Shower me with love forget about the world 
Just for one night let me be your girl 
My sweet cheeky boy take me back to the start
When it was all smiles and laughter no worries at all
Kiss me for the first time hold me close don't let me go 
I wish I wish I could be yours
My hope will never end my dreams and thoughts are all you
Grab a bottle drown all the sorrows. Shot after shot. 
There's nothing more to say other than I love you more each day.

Are you the chosen one?

I would like to say good luck to everyone auditioning for The Kiss Chosen One this year. Be confident, be different, and above all have fun. Those who do net get through, do not be disheartened, it is a tough competition, keep doing what you do and make sure you're passionate about it. Get yourself out there, take every risk and opportunity you get, you only live life once so enjoy it..  Kiss Chosen One 

UKGarage.Org @ Exposure

UKGarage.Org joins Exposure at the Colosseum on their 16th birthday to bring you The UKG Fix.
May 5th, 11pm - 5am. Club Collosseum, 1 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall, SW8 5NQ London. Nearest tube station: Vauxhall (Victoria Line)

DJs on the night:
DJ Charma | JFresh | Emma Champion | Double 99 | Bee Q and Unique (Birthday Set) | Cartier | Maxxi | Elski | True | GTE | Spin.e.b | Bozie

MC Biffa D, MIK, Damaged Goodz, Mr Rootsy, Jay Harvey, Leah Lost, Leanne Louise, Rdubz and High Heels and Low Life’s will also be performing on the night

Tickets on the door will be £20 but register your interest today by pre-ordering your tickets and you’ll only pay £10.A free ticket goes to Tara Jones who is doing a skydive in aid of breakthrough breast cancer on May 12th, all ticket orders will have the option to donate. Please do even if its just a small amount!

Pre-order your tickets today! http://ukgarage.org/theukgfix or contact mizz-ruby@hotmail.co.uk
Over 18s! Retro theme for those who want to take part. See you there!

Just Plug the USB Into the Banana

This is just something I stumbled across today.

Feb music

Tracks of the moment: 
The Fives - What You Do YouTube Link
Disclosure - Tenderly YouTube Link 

New music:
High Heels & Low Life's - Daydreamer YoutTube Link
Troublesome - Huckleberry Behind the Scenes
Spin.E.B - Sounds of the Future Link
Ak Steppa - Present & Future UKG Link