Saffire D'Soul - Sweet Music

Taken from The Sweet Music EP by Saffire D'Soul
Audio Music Star

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Hip Hop Jazzz

Ben Wardley on acoustic, Josh Hall on electric guitar and Kier Martin on keyboard.

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Lush Presents @ Club Raduno

Thursday 29th November, Club Raduno is the place to be...

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Leanne Louise - Spotlight (Official Video)

Her very first music video is complete! It is simply done and is perfectly focused on Leanne and her amazing voice. Very nicely produced and edited, the visual story and overall pace all just fits with the track.

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Shvona Lavette ft The Airplane Boys - All The Gold

We’re excited to introduce you to a new unique recording artist named Shvona Lavette. The Indie singer/songwriter, comparable to Imogen Heap and Lykke Li, possesses a sultry sound to compliment her eclectic and mesmerizing musical style. Today she releases her first single "All The Gold" featuring The Airplane Boys (Toronto indie/hip-hop duo) off her forthcoming Gossamer album, set to release in January 2013.

Coming off of her dance heavy debut album 3 Percent and Rising last summer, Shvona Lavette turns the page in her musical career with the upcoming release of her follow up album, Gossamer.  Gossamer encompasses a broad range of bass heavy, slow dubstep sounds laced with sultry lyrics that draw upon the singer's personal life.  Featuring "All the Gold" and upcoming singles, "Brand New" and "Lovestung", Shvona showcases a darker sound, accented by her allusive lyrics.  The album displays a wide variety of songs and emotions that draws the audience into the world of Shvona Lavette.  

Shvona Lavette - the Queens, New York native excelled in the arts at an early age.  The actress/sing-songwriter was classically trained at Manhattan's American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, New York.  Despite a rapidly ascending profile in front of the camera as a skilled actress, Shvona remained intent on making her musical dreams a reality. In 2011, she joined the roster with Snoop and Far East Movement at Stampede Management.

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Cheese, Tomato & Mushroom Pizza

1. In a mixing bowl add self-raising flour, salt and thyme leaves.
2. Mix in water to form a dough, and knead.
3. Leave to rise in a warm place for an hour (oven not turned on)
4. To make tomato sauce, in a pan add chopped onions, garlic paste/chopped clove, and a can of chopped tomatoes. Leave to boil and thicken.
5. Grate cheese (I have used mild cheddar), slice mushrooms and a tomato.
4. Roll out dough into a circle and fold over edges to create a crust.
7. Add the tomato rue, along with toppings. Sprinkle on chopped chives on top. .
8. Leave in oven gas mark 7 for 15 minutes. Bon Appetit!

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Madd Inc vs Capelton, Shabba Ranks, Barrington Levy - Kill Some Soundboy

Taken from the Madd-Inc vs Series... "Kill Some Soundboy EP. 

From the world known created multi fused genres "Dubkinetic" by the creator and CEO of E-Regular Music. 

Available exclusively on mp3 and wav at Juno Download!

Juno Link | Twitter: @EREGULARMUSIC

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Leanne Louise - Spotlight

This girl has such talent along with her brother, they will always have my support and are ones to watch out for. 

"Spotlight" is the new EP coming soon from Leanne Louise featuring the track also entitled Spotlight. Below is the behind the scenes footage  from the forthcoming video (created by Urban Promo), also Leanne's very first music video! Exciting! I do hope you will support her and you can also keep up to date with all her music here:

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Motion and sound

Everything that happens I see in two ways, musically and visually. The sound of birds chirping, the sun in the sky. The rain drops soft patter, the rusty grey clouds..

Advertising, for me not only promotes a product but also, half the time, a really good track. 
The main ones are Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto advert featuring Selah Sue - Just Because I Do. Definitley one of those songs I fell in love with straight away. 

Another is a fairly new advert... I actually can't remember the advert or have any idea what it was for. All I remember is the track, The Lumineers - Hey Ho, cheesy but catchy and another new favourite of mine. 

The way I look at visuals is by what goes on in the piece and what we see (mise en scene), and by the visual effects and chosen angles etc. Music is the same, listen to the initial beats and lyrics, and by each individual sound. 

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Best Beauty Buys & Tips

The best beauty secret is to smile more and be yourself!

Avon Planet Spa Mediterranean Olive Oil with Orange Flower Cloth Cleanser and Polish
This product is amazing. It gives an instant glow and smooth "polished" face with a gorgeous smell. It is suitable for all skin types for all ages, and is for daily use. To use, apply onto a dry face, wet the cloth in warm water, wring and gently wipe the polish off.
This is no longer available, alternatives are the Sanctuary Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser and Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

The Body Shop Skin Primer - Matte It
A skin primer or make up base is essential before applying make up in order to create a smooth base as well as preventing spots from make up. This product is light, and helps prevent skin from becoming dry or oily. Only a pea size is needed to apply onto a dry face before make up.

Avon Advance Techniques Smoothing Serum
This is great for use after washing hair in order to reduce frizz and ensure hair is not dry and stays smooth.

Avon Advance Techniques Purifying Treatment Shampoo
This is without a doubt the best shampoo I have ever used, made my hair feel so nice and clean and prevented it from being dry.
If anyone knows where to find this product or something similar please let me know!

Beauty Tips
1. When washing hair, always use a conditioner after shampooing, this literally ensures hair stays in good condition and is not dry or oily.
2. Every night rinse face with warm water roughly 15 times, then apply a good moisturiser (I use Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream). In turn this will make your skin feel extra nice and soft and replenished, and is supposed to keep you looking younger as essentially you are retaining as much moisture as possible on a daily basis.

Favourite Fragrances: Jean Paul Gaultier Classique & Chanel No 5

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Rednek ft Madeline Duggan - Killer

A little snippet from the track forth coming on Sear Records. A powerful dubstep tune from the one and only Rednek, featuring gorgeous vocals from the lovely Madeline who you may know as former Eastenders star.

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Delphic - Good Life (Lone Remix)

Now midway through their current UK tour (and with a recent festival appearance at Freeform Festival in Poland), there is rumour of an imminent announcement surrounding Delphic's highly anticipated second album.
Their live sets have contained both brand new tracks as well as newly remixed tracks from the critically acclaimed UK Top 10 debut album, 'Acolyte'.
Having been selected as one of a handful of UK artists to officially be associated with the London 2012 Olympic Games, 'Good Life' (a solitary pre-album single released in July), has been broadcast across the world to millions of people.
Now, ahead of any possible second album news, an exceptional Lone remix of 'Good Life' complete with official Delphic-endorsed video has appeared online, taking the already epic original to new, twisted, ravey heights. Enjoy!
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Music and passion

Music to me is everything, and I respect those who know the industry inside and out through their experiences. A lot of commercial listeners don't understand the underground scene or the works of the business  Some people just want money and fame and that's not what music is about at all... 

These are @KayJayMusic's views:
"There are NO shortcuts in the music biz unless you sell your soul to the devil. It takes sacrifice and GRAFT... Even if you graft there are NO guarantees So you gotta have PASSION and self-belief and do your thing REGARDLESS! I have been writing songs since I was 12, performing since I was 14 and working with major Artists touring at 21. I've performed at pubs, bars, working men's clubs, on cruise ships, theatres, parties, arenas, festivals, on TV, in studios: EXPERIENCE! I am comfortable on ANY stage in front of ANY audience. I have learned STAGECRAFT! How many of you can hold your own in ANY situation? I've performed on my own: accapella, acoustically, with backing tracks and with 16 piece live bands. All are learning curves! It takes more than riffing & over-playing to be an Artist. DISCIPLINE! Learning to embrace the space, DYNAMICS and convey EMOTION are VITAL! I have also been a vocal & performance tutor and worked at a Music School in East London for 2 years so I have seen RAW talent! I also have a Masters Degree in Music Business Management and run my own Limited Company so I KNOW what I'm talking about - I've LIVED it! I'm just reminding folk as when I comment on shows like XFactor and other Artist performances I see BEYOND the obvious. I have had a No. 13 hit single and although I'm not a "star" music is my destiny. It speaks to my soul and I have a RIGHT to be here! Its important to speak out and fight against the commercial, corporate-led misconceptions of our industry. Phew! Its great to get all fired up about music, its a GIFT and needs to be honoured and respected, not pimped, I'm pleased you all agree! I think society is waking up to the bull and are desperate for more sincere and genuine music, Its only a matter of time. Anyway, I hope y'all have a lil more of an insight and can see where I'm coming from musically. ;o)" 

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Prawn Pastie

1. To make the pastry combine a few pinches of salt with 2 cups of flour (ideally plain however I have used self raising. This serves 4 people).
2. Add a cup of butter and  rub in to create a crumb like mix.
3. Add a few spoons of cold water to stick the dough together
4. Leave in fridge to cool for 10 minutes, in clingfilm or under weight.
5. In a pan add chopped onions, potatoes, prawns, tomatoes and seasoning
6. Cook the ingredients until nearly done (10-15 minutes).
7. Roll out the dough into 4 circles and place the prawn mix on one side of the pastry.
8. Fold over the remaining side and seal with fork or fold along and place onto baking tray (Tip: Oil tray and add flour to create a non-stick surface).
9. Leave to bake in oven for 30 minutes until pastry is crispy.
Bon apetite!

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