Leah Lost - Concrete Rose

Follow @LeahLost. Lovely song along with some equally lovely sceneries in this video. Love the use of colour too.

Think positive. Be happy. x

Tensnake ft Syron - Mainline

Follow @Tensnake. Nu Disco? I don't know but I sure do love it!

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How's That Diet Going?

Let's talk about cakes baby. And biccies and sweeties and those teeny little marshmallows with hot chocolate.. A lot of people always start the new year with the resolution to get into shape. If this is you and you do it on a regular basis you should watch all the icky shows about all the awfull-ness being unhealthy causes. I mean you could die and all that nonsense but the real issue is that you wouldn't be able to fit into that perfect wedding dress or show off your yummy-ness to that fit bird at the bar. Whilst watching a health show, someone said the words “I don't want to waste food”. This only makes me angrily throw verbal abuse at the telly about why they buy or cook too much food in the first place? I could rant on about why you would put yourself through all the pain and misery's of being unhealthy, and the affects on loved ones around you, but you most probably already know all this.

“Cauliflowers fluffy and cabbages green. Strawberries are sweeter than I’ve ever seen..”Perhaps this is why I like my fruit and veg, we used to always sing this in primary at morning assembly!

Ignore all the faddy diets, the simple fact is that you need to of course eat less junk and exercise well. You need to be mentally focused and motivated, for example if there are negative vibes around then it will cause a big strain on your general well-being. To live a happy and healthy and successful life, you have to have the mind of an opportunist. The glass is half full and hey if life gives you lemons, make some refreshing juice or that delectable dessert you saw Nigella make.. (You're allowed to treat yourself now and then!)

So instead of moping about, go dance those few pounds away and share that scrummy meal with your belles and beaus.

Think positive. Be happy. x

Dreamers - Running ft Noeva

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The Dreamers bring you an electronic fusion, featuring the incredible vocals of up and coming UK singer Noeva.

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BR012: Flava D - Hold On/Home

Follow @Butterz. To those asking when the "Home" release is, here is finally the news that it will be out soon along with Flava D's brand new track "Hold On" on the Butters label!

iTunes Link

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Ghetto Girl - Kojo (K-Warren UKG remix)

Follow @K_Warren1. Great little bumpy tune!

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Tyl3r & Reynolds - Your Not Alone

Follow @TYL3R_DJ & @REYNOLDS_MC. A tune for you edgy dance lovers.

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Some Friends Of Mine

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Hectic featured on Mixmag - "Hectic has a knack for making beats that'll rattle any soundsystem.."

Read the full article and also grab his free track on the Mixmag site!

DJ D'Elle interviewed on Fried My Little Brain - "I like the old skool jungle vibe where the samples and beats are mad messy.."

Read the full article and listen to some of DJ D'Elle's mixes and favourite tunes!

de DJ D Elle interview

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Goodnight Moon Recordings

@GnightMoonRecs a new electronic bass music label based in Montreal. We have our first release coming out January 28th - Full Circle Vol.1 (GNMR001) - a truly versatile compilation EP featuring triphop, garage, drum’n’bass, house & techno tracks.

Download Promo Mix

As we wanted to combine our passion for music with a charitable cause; we were inspired to create a non-profit record label. All of our release proceeds will be going to The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation.

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7 Days On The Box

What are you watching?

Utopia. Amazing camera work, but I just cannot get into this one.. good for those who love mystery and something out of the ordinary. 

Celebrity Big Brother. I shall never have much good to say about this show since it all changed, however I am watching because of Heidi and Spencer from The Hills. Clearly they are going to stay in it for a while along with Rylan and Razor, viewing figures are all that matters to them. 

Bob and Margaret. This is an old school tipple on 4od but it is giving me giggles. One to check out if you have a spare half hour. 

The Magaluf Weekender. For those who don't know, this was the show myself and a friend auditioned for last summer. Verdict on the show, even though it would have been fun to get a free holiday, it's a little naff production wise.

My Big Fat Mad Diary. Love it, bless this poor girl and her odd thoughts and troubled life. 

More favs include 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, The Undateables and One Born Every Minute which always gets me into an emotional cutesy state! Oh and ELLEN, yay new series is being shown on Really TV in the UK, thank youuu :)

Think positive. Be happy. x

Angela Lewis Brown - Serve Below Zero

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Every now and again along comes an artist that stands out from everything else out there in the same genre. The kind of artist that is so refreshing, vocally distinctive and original in every sense. Angela Lewis Brown is that very artist.

Arguably the most sought after unsigned act at Midem 2009 and with a lot of independent labels in various territories already chasing an album that is simply in a field of its own. Angela is being tipped for big things.

So let's talk about the album, first up the DEBUT single first "Serve Below Zero".

The radio mix has a high budget video that has to be seen to be believed and in a day and age of gun crime, violence, drugs and crime in general. It is refreshing to see a video and hear a track that actually reflects how rewarding life can be, if you actually can be true to yourself and turn your back on the bad things in life. Angela’s vocals are as distinctive and original as it gets, as is the lyrical content and the stunning animated video. The video has already won “Best Creative Video” at the Black International Film Festival The single pre its release has already made a huge impact on the dance scene making it to Number 6 on The Music Week Commercial Club Chart and number 7 on the DMC Club Chart. The club remixes come courtesy of the legendary Sleazesisters who have remixed the likes of Christina Aguilera. Angela has already had spot plays on radio 1 (Dave Pearce rating 10/10) radio2,Kiss, Galaxy Network, Smooth FM, Choice FM, 1xtra, MOS radio to name a few of the many.

The album meanwhile features tracks such as "Chase My Dream" with its eclectic side with its looped beat and powerful vocals. "All My Life" gives you a real stylish mid beat flow. And the jaw dropping title track "Peaceful Rivers" is the kind of soulful groove that allows the powerful vocals of Angela Lewis Brown to melt into. The uplifting "Sweet Inspirations" shows more of the stunning originality and versatility of this artist.

Live wise Angela is a powerhouse vocally and she has already appeared at numerous club, concert and festivals in the UK she has appeared at several of the Pride festivals including Blackpool, Birmingham and Leeds to name a few.

She was headline support to arguably one of the greatest Soul groups ever The Impressions and was the headline act at the Rugby World Club Challenge Trophy this year at Eland Road Leeds in front of a full house and it was relayed on Sky TV.

Whatever you do, don't try and pigeon hole or shackle an album this special let it breathe. This album re-writes all the rules and sets new boundaries and is simply like a breath of fresh air in today’s stale market place. Be prepared to open your mind and be as innovative and brave as Angela Lewis Brown has been as an artist. This talented female artist really is going to be one of the finds of 2012.

Think positive. Be happy. x

Lush Presents... AAA

@LuShPresents… is a music promotion company, giving unsigned singers and bands a platform to perform in front of record companies, press and fans. With a total of 9 acts performing on the night, we guarantee to cater for every musical taste. With an event planned each month at venues of the teams choice LuSh Presents… is ready to take the music world by storm.

With their first event under their belts, at Club Raduno on 29th November 2012, which went amazingly well, the event at AAA is being hailed as bigger and better. LuSh Presents… will not only be promoting their unsigned acts at the event, the evening will also be seen as an album launch. With an album deal with Red Dragon Records, LuSh Presents… Best of British Volume 1 will be available for download in early February. With contacts within EMI, Universal and Sony, talent scouts will be in attendance. As will press, and fans of the acts. Huge crowds are expected.

LuSh Presents… are also happy to announce that Rainey James and Breakglass Emergency will each have a song featured on the upcoming “Rennaisance” Music CD being released and promoted by Red Dragon Records.

All acts will be performing a mix of covers and original material.

Acts on the night will be…..
L-IN-E – A 3 part harmony band who have been together for 15 years. Consists of 2 brothers and their best friend, their acoustic set is sure to blow your mind.
Elz - An exciting, new and up and coming female soul singer. Sexy, sassy and soulful tones.
Harry Harwood - A young man and his guitar who writes his own material, and has the voice of an angel.
Rainey James - Scottish singer/songwriter her music is rock/pop. She doesn’t hide behind her songs, she tells it like it is.
Psyence - A ground breaking 4 piece psychedelic rock band. Formed in December 2011 these Stoke on Trent lads have an average age of 20. So young and bringing the sound that they are, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.
Leanne Louise - With her quirky voice this girl has been likened to artists such as Jessie Ware, Lily Allen and Florence Welch. Huge things await this studio loving lady.
Pintsize - A rapper with a tongue in cheek approach to telling you a story. All raps written by the man himself and most based on true life events.
Mr Rootsy - “Everyones favourite London boy” – The only rapper to make it through to the last 20 boys in this years X Factor. He’s the number 1 most downloaded rap artist on twitmusic.com, ahead of artists such as MC Hammer and Soulja Boy to name a few. His mix tape has been shortlisted for a nomination at the official OMA awards, it won’t belong before this guy is a household name!
Samson - A 19 year old rapper, who never fails to get the crowd in the mood! Arms in the air waving along to this young stars self-written raps, you’re bound to fall for his charms.

Those are the acts, that is us, come down and see the talent for yourselves! You’ll find the girls at the bar! See you on the 26th!

Think positive. Be happy. x

HMV Goes Into Administration

The leading entertainment store HMV shall be no more :( Is this the beginning of the end for the humble CD? We are now in a digital era with everything from films, games and to music available for download straight from the comfort of your own laptop/PC and other shiny gadgets. A comment arose of this being the calling for independent record shops, but are they big enough to attempt to take HMV's place in all the UK areas? And we have to think about the reasoning for their downfall. For example, we could spend hours browsing the selection of new and old music, but when was the last time we actually bought anything? Everything is much cheaper online these days, but then if these stores are taken away, it's almost like a kid with no candy to ogle.. 

Think positive. Be happy. x

Shvona Lavette - Brand New

Shvona Lavette's third single off her forthcoming album Gossamer. The Indie singer/songwriter, comparable to Imogen Heap and Lykke Li, sings about love's ability to make her heart feel "brand new." The song was produced by popular UK dubstep/grime DJ Plastician.  

Coming off of her dance heavy debut album 3 Percent and Rising last summer, Shvona Lavette turns the page in her musical career with the  January 2013 release of her follow up album, Gossamer. Gossamer encompasses a broad range of bass heavy, slow dubstep sounds laced with sultry lyrics that draw upon the singer's personal life. The album displays a wide variety of songs and emotions that draws the audience into the world of Shvona Lavette.

Think positive. Be happy. x

Players Please - Welcome To Detroit

First heard this on @thesisterbliss ministry show and straight away the do dododo got me hooked!

It’s about time head honcho of Artillery Recs released one of his own tracks, so here it is!

‘Welcome To Detroit’ is a moody house record with an infectious, deep bass groove and chopped vocal hook. Definitely one to be consumed on South Beach, preferably with a fresh Mojito in hand!

Players Please previous releases include ‘Feels Like Fire’ on Eye Industries, which sampled ‘The Power Of Love’ by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. The first time FGTH had cleared a sample for use in over 10 years!

For more information contact: mike@artilleryrecs.com

Think positive. Be happy. x

Girl Talk

Okay, I am in one of those I just want to be cuddled moods (along with a little bit of I feel like i'm going to cough my own lungs up!!).

This post is inspired by Love Life & Everything Inbetween (Adult Content).

Vanilla.. plain and simple. With ever growing technology and information, people want more, people want the world and don't really see what they do have. This time last year, a good friend of mine became a victim of a senseless random attack (he is thankfully happy and healthy). Life is a precious thing. Don't forget that. Yes, reach for the stars but still look around and be appreciative for the good things you do have. All I ever ask in the world is to be happy, surrounded by love and good music. 

Think positive. Be happy. x

Genius - Waiting

This one was introduced to me just last year by a good friend. Old school garage from 1998, love it!

Think positive. Be happy. x

DJ Slurps In The Mix

So I received my promo CD in the mail from @djslurps

This is one of those guys who you just have to love. Great mixing, knows his music very well and all round nice guy.

Here is him mixing live for the Intel PowerUp Finale.

Think positive. Be happy. x

Lectrick Game Mix

1) 8 bit trip - Lectrick
2) Crazy PacMan - Misha Zam
3) Pump the bass - Lectrick (Mashed up with Jin remix from tekken)
4) Derezzed (Avicii Remix) - Daft Punk
5) Disko Biskit - Pascal & Pearce
6) Angry Birds - Electro Resistance -
7) Song 2louse - BLUR vs. Nicky Romero (Alexey Romeo WITH LOVE Mashup)
8) Tourniquet - Knife Party (Mashed up with MD Project - Mortal Kombat Theme)
9) Internet friends - Knife Party
10) Tetris - Electrixx
11) Ill to Destroy - The Bloody Beetroots
12) Rock Your Body Rock - Ferry Corsten (Mashed up intro - Still Alive - Airwalker Dubstep Remix - Lisa Miskovsky)

Think positive. Be happy. x

My Music Loves Of 2012

Rednek ft Madeline Duggan (Greg Stainer Remix) - Killer
I have overplayed this tune far too much, but I guess that's a good sign! The original is fab but this mix just smashes it properly. Gorgeous vocals, along with a sexy yet edgy track, with a soft touch.

Hot Natured & Ali Love - Benediction
Summery House tune, with an oldschool touch. Love this one.

Daniel James - I'll Be Waiting
One for the Dance lovers.

Permanent St8 - Surrender
Bumpy bit of Trance straight from Malta.

Lenzman - Wordsworth
This was another tune that I overplayed I have to admit. One for the ladies, soft sweet DnB at it's finest.

Miguel Campbell - Something Special
Lovely soft vocals and a great little house track! What more can you want?

Think positive. Be happy. x