Parker - The God Plan

@ParkerAdonay | A meld of lyrical creations, each reflecting various journeys in life told in a raw fiesty way. The mixtape aims to inspire and influence people to believe in themselves even through difficult times. 

Parker is a 21 year old recording artist, creative director, & entrepreneur from Inglewood. His plans include incorporating art and rap as one entity, combine lyricism with boundless creativity, & develop the largest independent music record label & publishing company. Thus CreativeGenius the movement was born. The God Plan is Act 1.

"This is not a mixtape. I do not care about the amount of downloads this project gets, my main intention with this tape is to relate those who are also going through inner city issues, paint a picture of real and serious issues in our world today to those who aren't aware, and to inspire those who understand a story of struggle and triumph. This is an audio story line that details my life and the lives of those I grew up with in Inglewood, CA, and how my mind state has changed from when I first starting creating until now . The good, the bad, and the things we're still deciding on to this day. From a city full of gang bangers, instagram hustlers people with boundless amounts of ambition and people with no ambition arises a young self proclaimed artist and creative genius. This is my personal mosiac of how I see life. Enjoy."

Think positive. Be happy. x