Broning - Turbulence

Awesome hardstyle track! 

Broning returns to the Infrasonic stable with an outing on our InfraRed imprint. This time around he turns up the wick for some heads down, no nonsense trance. His latest single 'Turbulence' will certainly cause that when dropped in any room.

Packing a punch from the off, the rolling groove, dirty bass line and plucky melodies guide you into the track. A simply breathtaking breakdown awaits with its euphoric energy, big strings and lush melodies.

Broning strikes gold once more. Essential!

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Think positive. Be happy. x

Artisan & Reverb - When Two Worlds Collide

A nice atmospheric piece.

Ahead of the release of the much talked about 'In Sessions Vol.1' compilation, label boss Artisan returns with his latest single titled 'When Two Worlds Collide'.

Teaming up with Reverb, this is another essential In Sessions track than the fans will certainly enjoy. Packing in a moody groove, sweeping strings breakdown with lush pads and of course an epic drop to complete it all.

Artisan & Reverb come up with the goods and its the perfect way to whet your appetite for the maiden In Sessions compilation.

Artisan | Purchase

Think positive. Be happy. x

Gordey Tsukanov - Opacity (Solarstone Retouch)

A simple, slick trancer with an uplifting state of mind. 

This one has been buzzing around as an ID for a few months, first surfacing at Solarstone’s Open To Close (in Dolby Atmos) at Ministry of Sound back in January. It is a deep and dark sultry affair, which moves at a sedate 126pm. The backstory; Gordey, having previously released the majestic ‘Radiance’ on Pure Prog back in 2016, sent ‘Opacity’ as a demo to Solarstone, who saw within the demo a glimmer of something truly glorious, if only the track could be stripped down and reassembled with a clear intention; maximum impact in a big, dark fog-filled room - lit only by strobes. The impact of this track on the floor can’t be overstated, and the key-change twist which hits at 6 minutes in is something of a moment.

Gordey TsukanovSolarstone | Purchase

Think positive. Be happy. x