15th February 2017


In the theme of the season, it's only natural that love is in our thoughts.

Recently saw this statement:
Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about.

I connected with this in regards to the few things I hold dear to me...

Music, of course, it is in my career and in my ears and I shan't give up enjoying it and enjoying helping the amazing people in the industry. It's not about fame or popularity, it's about doing what you love. A friend of mine recently got disheartened from being on a radio station which had good potential and even was on fm, but he wasn't able to do what he wanted, thus leaving. Recently he did a little text mix on Facebook Live and just felt the freedom and love if it again, being able to express himself in an unlimited way. To me, it's truly silly that those with a great potential to reach a great audience are not utilising it with the best interests of the industry.

People. I'm not one to share my heart and have many close friends. But those who do see the real me are very precious.

However you take the theme of love, I think it's important to just show care and kindness to as many people as possible, even in small ways. Share love. Share happiness. Share smiles.

Think positive. Be happy. x

Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You

"Your love was handmade for somebody like me."

Think positive. Be happy. x

December 2016

One word to sum up this year: disjointed.

Hello readers, where have I been right? I am so frustrated that I haven't been able to keep up with the blogs like I used to. Time is just speeding away..

It was a great start to the year with my focus on point, I had set my aims to keep up with yoga sessions and work in an organised way. I have no idea what happened in November, apparently the moods shifted or something changed in the air from the super moon or some hippie nonsense like that. But it really is strange that it's not just me who is feeling a little out of sorts, it's so many people just stumbling through the last few days of the year cluelessly. Hence, this post being a jumble of thoughts too because that's what my mind feels like - like that one closet that you play tetris with and have no idea what's in there.

Resolutions for the new year? To regain focus.

Think positive. Be happy. x

Yes I Can!

This year has been challenging to many aspects in life..

The UK torn apart by political differences. Many great stars sadly departing the world. The clubbing scene losing a legendary venue.

The unity of diverse cultures - through difficult circumstances. The celebrations of the opening Paralympic games though it's fundings were a difficulty.

We have never lived in such a modern age with incredible diversity and unique ideas. But these new ways of thinking are a huge conflict between those who wish to stay rooted in what they know.

It has never been more important for us to stick together and shout louder.

We cannot be pushed down, this world will be better. We will make it a world to be proud of. Embrace all that you believe in, do not let the "system" hold you back. Be strong with what is right.

Don't feel that you're ever too small to make a difference.

One glint of sunshine can penetrate a sky of dark clouds and bring in beautiful light.

Think positive. Be happy. x