A little update for you

Hello you lovely lot. I hope you are all well. I havent realy bloged much and will be busy over the coming week so i thought I would pass by and update you all.

So I watched the new episode of Friday Night Dinner on C4 last night. Oh my golly gosh that literally made me LOL. I mean the randomness of it, for example a strange guy who kept needin to use the family loo as his was broken and he seemed a bit pervy tbh. But the big highlight was when the guy who came to pick up a sofa, his dad died! (no thats not the funny bit, im not that nasty). He was given a cup of tea which had salt in it from an earlier attempted prank by one of the young lads (simon from the inbetweeners). So he drank the tea and was like wtf this has salt in it. He then got a glass of water which again had been pranked with salt. So the guy said and I quote "My dad has just died and you're putting salt on everything!!" LMFAO.

Next subject work work work! Yes I am now a bonified starry eyed freelance media producer :) Yay! The planning is going well, we had our productive times and our stressful times, there were even tears, but it is now happy happy days. Video shoot in just a few days I cannot wait :D

On a musical note (you see what i did there, dicussion about music and also an actual music note..) I hope you have all download the new Control-S mixtape. If not then guibgjbkkcgjnbkgnbn WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? ---> Control-S - Origins Volume 1 <---

Anyway, I must dash. Feel free to leave me a comment on here or why not follow me on twitter @MizzRuby_X

Mizz Ruby x