Pigeon talk & more

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Pigeons, yes pigeons! This post was inspired by one of these fellas flying into our living room window. My mates would probably say i have a slight phobia of them, this is true. Our (shite) area is full of them! I always flinch n squeal whenever they fly near me , and usually try my best to avoid them. Is that strange? But then again I am a bit of a major wimp when it comes to creepy crawlies, spiders, moths, and a few other (ugly) animals.... Oh dear i hope i don't get lots of haters from this.... speaking of controversy... have u ever had that feeling where u just wana kick a pigeon? Dont worry RSPCA .. type people i am wayyyy to chicken to ever do that and would feel utterly terrible :)

So I recently did my first interview for @ukgarage which will be uploaded onto the ukgarage.org website soon! Anyway It was rather exciting and went really well :) I did learn a few things about myself oddly. For example I cannot give good directions, I tend to point in the correct direction and say the opposite thing (saying left instead of right). Anyone else do this? Just me? It also turns out that my area is utterly useless, literally nowhere decent to go after 10pm! 
Cute Bunny Animation

I thought id leave you with this little video with is rather hilarious

Mizz Ruby x