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Well then how are you all on this fine day??   hmm seeing as not many (really really not many) of u leave a comment i'm gonna guess you're all good. Well anyway lets crack on!

So this week I had a lot of the famo round. I was given the duty of lookin after my cuz daughter for 2 hours all on my own, I can proudly say that I managed pretty well. Not only can I take care of a little kid, I can actually take care of a kid who speaks another language! Oh and she wanted to go to the loo, my days I hadnt a clue what to do but I managed it fairly well and mustve asked her "u alrite" about a million times haha #Shook. She's a pretty random kid, she loved when I put my phone so she could see herself n she just sat there havin a whole convo with herself. She also loved playin tunes on my other phone n she totaly loved my dnb, ukg, n other tunes wooop. Anyway my other cuz daughter came round too and oh my , her mum went to the loo n this girl she was cryin so bad n she thought her mum had gone outside, i was like no no luv she's just i the loo!! Bless her :')

Osshhh just heard a NEW TUNE on the one and only KissFM ---> Drumsound & Bassline - Close

I thought id also just slip in this twatter quote about Cairo (Egypt) "it's boring  " haha, brilliant. Speaking of twitter, I ran a comp earlier and now have a brand new twubby -- mr @JackSully1992

Oh me n the famo also went to Legoland , bless the l,ittle girl she loved it, trust the weather to ruin the day tho. The amount of cash they must've made selling blimin raincoats! One mum actually wanted to get out of the rain so bad she yanked her son and he fell flat on the hard pavement on his face! Ouch. Another random thing was this kid in the ride queue , he wandered off n when his mum called him, he hugged a strangers leg. Lol. Lucky it wern't some gary glitter ting! I have to say though if u aint been Legoland u are missin out, dont gota be a kid to know its sickk :)

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