So Wednesday was eventful to say the least. It was planned in a very scatty manner n there was bound to be some things going wrong. Coz of some silly ass boyy at Euston journey to seven sisters which usualy would be abt two changes turn into.. Waterloo > Oxford Circus > Warren Street > Ginch..??? > Leicester Square > Seven Sisters. And only AFTER that mission we hear "normal service on the Victoria Line has now been resumed" FML. Also learnt that night that buses on the opposite side go the same way?? Wtf. Halfway through journey we find out we're going wrong way n are miless away from where we need to be. One of those things where things have gone stupidly bad you just gota laugh.
Anywayy massive thanks to everyone, it was a good night n got good interviewss. Make sure you check out my previous stuf and we have loadsss more to come! UKGarage.Org