Music and passion

Music to me is everything, and I respect those who know the industry inside and out through their experiences. A lot of commercial listeners don't understand the underground scene or the works of the business  Some people just want money and fame and that's not what music is about at all... 

These are @KayJayMusic's views:
"There are NO shortcuts in the music biz unless you sell your soul to the devil. It takes sacrifice and GRAFT... Even if you graft there are NO guarantees So you gotta have PASSION and self-belief and do your thing REGARDLESS! I have been writing songs since I was 12, performing since I was 14 and working with major Artists touring at 21. I've performed at pubs, bars, working men's clubs, on cruise ships, theatres, parties, arenas, festivals, on TV, in studios: EXPERIENCE! I am comfortable on ANY stage in front of ANY audience. I have learned STAGECRAFT! How many of you can hold your own in ANY situation? I've performed on my own: accapella, acoustically, with backing tracks and with 16 piece live bands. All are learning curves! It takes more than riffing & over-playing to be an Artist. DISCIPLINE! Learning to embrace the space, DYNAMICS and convey EMOTION are VITAL! I have also been a vocal & performance tutor and worked at a Music School in East London for 2 years so I have seen RAW talent! I also have a Masters Degree in Music Business Management and run my own Limited Company so I KNOW what I'm talking about - I've LIVED it! I'm just reminding folk as when I comment on shows like XFactor and other Artist performances I see BEYOND the obvious. I have had a No. 13 hit single and although I'm not a "star" music is my destiny. It speaks to my soul and I have a RIGHT to be here! Its important to speak out and fight against the commercial, corporate-led misconceptions of our industry. Phew! Its great to get all fired up about music, its a GIFT and needs to be honoured and respected, not pimped, I'm pleased you all agree! I think society is waking up to the bull and are desperate for more sincere and genuine music, Its only a matter of time. Anyway, I hope y'all have a lil more of an insight and can see where I'm coming from musically. ;o)" 

Think positive. Be happy. x