Dance your way through life

Royal news. William and Kate are expecting! She is a bit poorly with a rare extreme morning sickness, but she has the world's love and shall be all better soon. 
What's on the tellybox? Homeland Homeland Homeland! Oh how I wish I didn't have to wait a whole 7 days for the next episodes!

Fashionistas galore. New fashion sharing website for all things fabulous

Music music music, I could not live without it.

New Video Mike Delinquent Project ft Kcat & Mikill Pane - Mama Said

This Week's Events
Starring David Harewood, Tamer Hassan, Martin Offiah & Jocelyn Gee. New single from Leo The Lion (The Streets) who has teamed back up the legendary UK Garage producer K-Warren. "Only For One Night" is set to be the focal track when Leo takes part in the event of "24 gigs in 24 hours" on July 11th 2012. 

'Its A Big Thing' - Stemming from the Italian electronica scene 'The Big Game' offer a new variety of electro and grime. 'Fish n Chicks' is the forthcoming release from the Jesi Crew on the I-innovate label. Peep this early Promotion Taster. Fishing for sexy fly girls and greasy beats! Forthcoming electro release on I-innovate (UK) Coming Soon.

Think positive. Be happy. x