Goodbye 2012

In 2013 may you all be happy, successful, positive and loving. Open your eyes to the world, take chances, no regrets. Treat others as you would like to be treated, and above all enjoy life.

2012 the year...

The world was supposed to end a few times.

The only time the dates would ever make us go mental and write status' saying 12:12 12.12.12.

We said a tearful cheerio to T4.

We all danced Gangnam Style.

We were immensely proud of being British during the Olympics & Paralympics.

We welcomed to the world baby Blue Ivy.

We congratulated Princess Katherine on her new baby news.

We said go away to hurricane Sandy and a sad rest in peace to those lives destroyed in this tragedy as well as in the unnecessary school shootings.

We cheered on as her majesty celebrated her diamond jubilee.

We said hellooo to Christian Grey's saucy ways.

We laughed at the spitty spitty tape of you know who.

Think positive. Be happy. x