How's That Diet Going?

Let's talk about cakes baby. And biccies and sweeties and those teeny little marshmallows with hot chocolate.. A lot of people always start the new year with the resolution to get into shape. If this is you and you do it on a regular basis you should watch all the icky shows about all the awfull-ness being unhealthy causes. I mean you could die and all that nonsense but the real issue is that you wouldn't be able to fit into that perfect wedding dress or show off your yummy-ness to that fit bird at the bar. Whilst watching a health show, someone said the words “I don't want to waste food”. This only makes me angrily throw verbal abuse at the telly about why they buy or cook too much food in the first place? I could rant on about why you would put yourself through all the pain and misery's of being unhealthy, and the affects on loved ones around you, but you most probably already know all this.

“Cauliflowers fluffy and cabbages green. Strawberries are sweeter than I’ve ever seen..”Perhaps this is why I like my fruit and veg, we used to always sing this in primary at morning assembly!

Ignore all the faddy diets, the simple fact is that you need to of course eat less junk and exercise well. You need to be mentally focused and motivated, for example if there are negative vibes around then it will cause a big strain on your general well-being. To live a happy and healthy and successful life, you have to have the mind of an opportunist. The glass is half full and hey if life gives you lemons, make some refreshing juice or that delectable dessert you saw Nigella make.. (You're allowed to treat yourself now and then!)

So instead of moping about, go dance those few pounds away and share that scrummy meal with your belles and beaus.

Think positive. Be happy. x