Wess ft Jade Ross - Crashing Down

@BlackHoleRec - Black Hole 537-0 

Wess presents his debut single "Crashing Down" on the Black Hole imprint, featuring the vocals of Jade Ross. 

Wess, also known as Mihael Veselić, is a 21-year-old DJ/Producer. At age 13, Wess started experimenting with music when he got his first version of Fruity Loops. Music quickly took over his life and so far, Mihael has engineered an abundance of hard-hitting tracks, in addition to a plethora of bombs ready for release. Wess's debut record, entitled "Evolve", was released on Ministry of Sound TV, and has amassed over 85,000 views. He now teams up with the lovely Jade Ross who delivers the vocals for this splendid new single "Crashing Down". 

Jade Ross, known from her cover of the Swedish House Mafia track "Don't You Worry Child" and her soon to be released collaboration with Marco V and Doctors in Florence titled "Limitless", simply describes herself as a singer/songwriter/rockstar and may well be on her way to make it big. Her vocals take "Crashing Down" to a new level. 

"Crashing Down" features all the elements of modern day electro house, but expands to tech trance influences at the same time. The swirling synths that drive the entire track add extra energy to the fast BPM, serving as the perfect foundation for Jade's vocal workout. For the top names, "Crashing Down" will be the next big hit. 

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