Moonbeam ft Avis Vox - Madness

@blackholerec - Black Hole 549-0 

Moonbeam’s extraordinary ‘The Random’ artist album/Original Soundtrack caused a major stir in the EDM pond when it arrived at the start of 2013. Through its enigmatically charged singles – which included ‘The Raven’ (“cross-genre sophistication” said MIXMAG) and ‘Flight’ (“enrapturing” – The UK’s DJ Mag), it’s rallied a new generation of Moonbeam fans. Now, anchored around the stunning, multi-linguistics of Avis Vox’s vocal, the Russian duo single-strike again. Welcome to ‘Madness’. 

Moonbeam’s Exclusive Club mix beams Vox’s vocal straight to the heart of the floor, alternatively lamenting and uplifting the track’s tone. Transferring fluidly between its English and Russian lyrics and vocals, its exotic thrall is catalysed by the rush of sonic uplift of Moonbeam’s surrounding production. 

On his remix, Ukrainian producer Spartaque gives ‘Madness’ one of his classic tech-through-techno treatments. Developing a powerful drive through its punchy drums and painstakingly crafted FX, its angular synths deliver a convincing TKO. 

Moonbeam’s Original Mix buzzes with electro fission, providing an even more atmospheric vision for the track. Wrapping things up, German duo Boss Axis bring many shades of house to ‘Madness’. Warming the production to appropriately thermal summer-like temperatures, they provide an entirely unique take on the track.

Think positive. Be happy. x