Save The Robot - Ready 4 Love

@blackholerec - Magik Muzik 1055-0 

Save The Robot, in the early days an act of two producers, built a solid reputation in the world of EDM with well received singles like “Red City”, “Compassion”, “Big Ben” and countless remixes for other artists. With so many superb releases in such a short time, Save The Robot became a name that tickled the curiosity of many of the big names in the industry. In 2012 Ido, the actual mastermind of Save The Robot, stepped away from his moniker for a while to be a 100% solo producer altogether and entered the scene with two EPs, featuring the titles "Voice Of Reason", "Soul Surf", "Bigger Than Ben" and "Fully Charged". In 2013 Ido revived his Save The Robot act and released the hit single "Kai Zen". 

With "Ready 4 Love", producer Ido returns to the essence of the Save The Robot sound and offers a crisp vocal trance trip, expanding the arrangement with electro house influenced sweeps. With plenty of room for an extensive break, Save The Robot pushes the vocals to the forefront, lifting "Ready 4 Love" to a terrific climax.

Think positive. Be happy. x