Stuart Millar - Forever This

@blackholerec - In Trance We Trust 592-0 

Stuart Millar hails from Northern Ireland and released his first track, "Inspired", in 2007 as part of a Monster Sampler. In 2008 he followed up with "Galactica" on Proxoz Recordings and later on had several singles on High Contrast Nu Breed ("The Path", "Hyperdrive", "Life Cycles" and "Liquid Love") and also on Solarstone's famous Solaris Recordings ("Kyros"). Besides his production work in the studio, Stuart also performs live as a DJ and had his tracks played by many of the ruling DJs. With his new single "Forever This", Stuart debuts for the In Trance We Trust imprint, adding another achievement to his career. 

In the tradition of the imprint, Stuart stays true to the symphonic character of In Trance We Trust. Taking his time to unfold an elaborate composition, Stuart carefully builds up the theme of the track and uniquely combines classic effects with state of the art synth programming. Capturing an in your face trance feel from start to finish including a heartfelt break, “Forever This” can’t be missed by the big guns of the industry.

Think positive. Be happy. x