Daniel Wanrooy - Azure

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In March this year, Daniel Wanrooy released his collaboration with Virtual Vault, titled "I Feel You". Taking things in his own hands again, Daniel presents his new solo productions "Azure". 

Daniel Wanrooy, Binary Finary - Azure"Azure" is Daniel Wanrooy's answer to not only "I Feel You", but also the follow up to his previous singles like "Alcohol Abuse", which first appeared on Daniel's acclaimed album "Slice Of Life". The album was conceived as a project in which Daniel allowed his fans to follow the whole process through the release of several Slice Of Life EPs. Other productions like "Stay In The Moment" (featuring Blake Lewis), "Put Yourself Through This" (with the vocals of Elliot Johns) and of course the track "I Feel You" all came right after with a lot of success, which could have prompted Daniel to do more singles with fellow producers. He chose to do the opposite and decided to come up with a full Daniel Wanrooy only production, focusing again on his own, still developing sound. 

Daniel, especially as a composer, always expands his sound and with "Azure" he continues in the direction he already showed us with "I Feel You". Given the roughneck power behind "Azure", it's clear that this one aims at the big room crowd. Lining up a choice of synths and sweeps, the track broils with a hint of underground and builds up a tense atmosphere that screams for a break. Definitely a bomb for the ruling names behind the turntables, "Azure" is a sure thing for a hot live set.

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