Mauritius 2013

Hello UK, I am back after having been in Mauritius for a month, lucky me! So what have I been upto? Well firstly, 12 hour flights, yawn, but I did have a Joe Swash lookalike help with our bags (short people issues). During girly gossipy talks with my cousin, she came out with "and I see him and it's like I have alzheimer's" ... whether that's a good thing I'm not sure. A shop called "Much Better Life" which sells alcohol is located in the country, well of course! Fire in the canes, due to the wind and friction between the sugar cane plants this is not uncommon! A traditional Mauritian wedding is one of religious ceremonies and incredible detail to beauty. It is wonderful to experience this four day ritual, however if I was to ever wed I would choose a white dressed affair and have that one special day of bliss.

I also took up yoga and afterwards you feel like a relaxed piece of jelly! I highly recommend this, good for the mind, body and well-being. I am currently working with the "GuruYoga" app which is a great guide for all yoga enthusiasts. If you are able to, join one of the many free yoga classes across the country, the atmosphere is much better with others in a calm environment. I'm a believer of inner peace and positivity, there is yin and yang in the world all around creating balance. Negative emotions and fake behaviour are not needed, if only more people realised this and pushed it through to create a better world... 

Think positive. Be happy. x