Alex Kunnari - Bounce

Magik Muzik 1070-0 - @blackholerec.

Bounce, Alex Kunnari's latest smash, is a fresh take on his latest productions. It premiered in TiĆ«sto's Club Life a couple of weeks ago, and is destined to go the distance. 
Massive prog house release with maximum dancefloor damage. Bounce! 

Alex Kunnari's career in the electronic dance industry spans more than 20 years. Looking back on an impressive back catalogue of outstanding singles like "Eternity", "Rising" (with Heikki L.), "You & Me" (ft. Emma Lock), "Sweet Melody" (ft. John Hall), "Taste The Sun" (ft. Ben Andreas), "Colors" and countless others, he will probably always be remembered for the incredible success he harvested with "Lifter", which was recently re-released with Tom Fall and Maison & Dragen Remixes.

Think positive. Be happy. x