Richard Durand - Super Dad‏

With the ‘Las Vegas’ single and mix-comp still loosening club-floor tiles and rocking desktops north, south, east and west, Richard Durand’s next studio strike is already dialled in, locked-on and prepped for flight. 

Black Hole Recordings’s avatarPublic health warning issued: Durand’s ‘Super Dad’ is one lean, mean, hard-trancing machine! From first electronica-fused bar to last, his Original Mix plies its production with steely mechanized soundFX, chunky, unstoppable percussion, high-wire tense sub-riffs and pure heavy synth industry. 

Doing just what is says on the tin, the Tech-trance mix puts a rolling toughened groove in place and fuels up on all manner of hazardous techno material. Building it with sonorously rumbling bands of LFO, Richard edges in its nagging, catchy lead riff. Finally, with critical mass in sight, Richard engages the side-chain compressor to an explosion of raw floor energy. Bolted into its visceral hard trance frame, when ‘Super Dad’ hits the top of the drop, you don’t want to be looking down!

Think positive. Be happy. x