T and Sugah - Give Me

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Black Hole Recordings’s avatar‘Give Me’ is already the second release of T and Sugah on the Rub-A-Duck imprint after their debut EP ‘Bring It On Now’ together with Evelien. With ‘Give Me’ the boys deliver a high quality energetic drum & bass track. 

From the Dutch city of Haarlem, comes Drum&Bass DJ and producer duo T and Sugah. Robin Storm and Philippe Jouneghani started T and Sugah in the year of 2011. Besides their normal DJ sets, they do live sets with a singer, MC, a violin-player, guitarist (also DJ), keyboard-player (DJ as well) and a drummer. They performed at big venues in the Netherlands such as Paradiso, the Sugar Factory, P60, het Paard van Troje and more. Recently Robin and Philippe hosted the first edition of their new DnB party called ‘Timeless’. These boys are certainly establishing a name for themselves, so keep a close eye on these two!

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