A Town Called Panic

A Belgian stop-motion animation following villagers in this little adventure. The cowboy is named Cowboy, the Indian is named Indian and of course the horse is named Horse! This is such a quaint dear film, with slapstick humour and quite an odd storyline. Peculiar may be the word, very interesting and amusing, and above all light-hearted. 

Co-directors, St├ęphane Aubier & Vincent Patar were asked were their inspiration came from..

Vincent Patar: "From any and everything around us that we find amusing! Something we see walking down the street, a photo in the newspaper, etc. It’s the little details of daily life that nourish our work."

St├ęphane Aubier: "What you see in A Town Called Panic is a good indication of what we've always set out to do. By using a relatively simple setting and a standard but versatile technique, we have total freedom to create a world of our own."

Think positive. Be happy. x