Adreyn Cash – Anthem


Adreyn Cash’s avatarTaken from Adreyn’s debut E.P. “Rich Girls don’t Marry Poor Boys”, ‘Anthem’ is a teaser of what to expect from Cash! As empowering as its name suggests, “Anthem” showcases Adreyn Cash’s musical identity and future pathway, fused effortlessly with deep soul sounds, for a cultivating emotive experience for the listener.

Adreyn Cash’s sound consists of a smooth blend of emotion and fear, projecting music that is alternative: dark, but by no means depressing. “I create music that people can listen and relate to, but also music that reaches out to the person within, the one whom we hide from the masses, my music is the voice for the hidden ‘us’.”

Currently residing in London, but originally from Kingston (of Taino descent), growing up, Adreyn found himself in and around music from an early age. A strong musical heritage consisting of reggae artists RDX, Eric Donaldson and the all-important presence of his mother, meant becoming a musician was an easy choice, but by no means easy!

With and ever expanding fan base, Adreyn Cash promises much, and with the forthcoming E.P, the project will ultimately serve as an opportunity to move on to bigger and better exploits.

With an assortment of successful live performances already to his name, Adreyn’s attention has now turned to the release of “Rich Girls don’t Marry Poor Boys” his first full length EP, set for release during summer 2014. “Rich Girls don’t Marry Poor Boys” is still to be completed, but nonetheless the EP is sure to expose an abundance of rhythms and array of soul. The distinctive alternative/soul sounds delivered through his music are what make Adreyn Cash such an exciting talent. The futures bright!

Think positive. Be happy. x