Charlie Jacks ft Jermaine Riley - Speakerphone+

Charlie Jacks releases take two of her “Speakerphone” single, originally released back in the summer of 2012. With overseas radio play already achieved, including in countries Japan and Spain, its fair to say “Speakerphone” was a global success. Nonetheless the prevalent pop record is now given the remix treatment, a retitle of “Speakerphone+”, with an appearance from Londoner/R&B vocalist Jermaine Riley.

Charlie Jacks’s avatarThe infectious sounds of the original remain, but “Speakphone(+)” has been revolutionized, taking the record into a new direction, something that will undoubtedly further widen its appeal.

Charlie Jacks
Pop singer, Charlie Jacks is from Bromley, South East London, and has already had overseas success, with six number one albums and nine chart topping singles in the Japanese iTunes chart. Charlie’s “Come On” single sold 35,000 copies in one day!

Charlie Jack is signed to: BoomHaus Recordings, Sony Music Japan, Manhattan Records Lexington Corp (JP). More info on Charlie Jacks can be found via:

Jermaine Riley
Jermaine Riley is a R&B signer-songwriter, from London, who notes musical influences as childhood hero Michael Jackson. Riley was also 1/3 of R&B group FDM. "Making music and being on stage performing come second nature to me, but doing it by myself makes everything new again."

An adept dancer and entertainer, Jermaine's song writing and signature tone have garnered the acclaim of fans, artists and producers far and wide. More recently, such noteworthy talent skipped managers and publishers but landed him on platinum UK rapper Chipmunk's album Transition, as the voice behind the emotive autobiographical track "Then And Now".

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