Progressive Berlin - Rockin

Introducing German production duo Progressive Berlin, who activates a stir with their latest audio masterpiece, titled “Rockin”. This is anything but Rock as its title may suggest, rather to be best described as an entertaining formulation of electronica and House music collisions. Nonetheless as its title suggests, this one comes with a creative “Rockin” twist, packed full of a hard-hitting beats and a pulsating baseline (it had to happen!).

Progressive Berlin - RockinWhilst the production pair currently chooses to go the unidentified route, the track is anything but, with its extensive assortment of “Progressive” signature sounds, something that has been at the forefront of Germanys EDM exports. Progressive Berlin is two talented producers, from Berlin, Germany, and shall be releasing a bunch of exhilarating material via Jean Elan’s label Shake Me Please.

Progressive Berlin’s previous releases include records “Impulse”, “Rock This Club” and “Twilight”. Its about time you got “Rockin”, courtesy of Progressive Berlin, who will undoubtedly be causing more noise in the coming months! The talented duo is undoubtedly a name worth keeping close eyes on throughout 2014!

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