SlimeFM 008 - Mixed By Lander

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Slime Recordings’s avatarFor the first time in the Slime FM series, we have asked an extended member of the Slime family to provide a mix. One of the label’s most vocal supporters, Lander has long been at the forefront of pushing our sound out to the wider world. A truly gifted DJ always armed with an impeccable selection of house and techno, her show ‘The Landing Zone’ on Future FM is one of our favourites. For this mix she has crafted an incredible hour of beautiful house and techno goodness, sprinkled lightly with a smattering of Slime classics.

01. Unknown - #001
02. Vincenzo - 106 Downtown (Genius OF Time Remix)
03. Farrow - For You
04. Wayward – Marvin
05. Leonid – Galax
06. Severn Beach – Do The Vortex
07. Pledge – Alright (DYP Mix)
08. Rick Grant & Lakosa – Temptation
09. Burnie – Future City Film Club
10. Flori – SU-3150 (Roaming Mix)
11. Essay – Crying At Day
12. Basic Soul Unit – Soul Speak
13. Untold – Targa

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