Leanne Louise - Count My Blessings EP

I haven't enough positive words for Leanne, she is amazing and such an inspiration. I've had the pleasure of hearing her progression since she started out. The first time I heard her voice was through her also musically talented producer of a brother RDubz, on a track called Crazy. At that instant, I fell in love with her vocals. Through her journey her fans have grown stronger & stronger and more people are getting to know her voice which is beyond super because she is not only talented, she also has such a kind heart and deserves every single positive aspect in the music career. I have no doubt she will achieve great things and you should all get listening! This is her very first EP!! So please support her, enjoy her voice, and keep an eye out for more to come!

Count My Blessings - EP, Leanne Louise

Now you may think she ran out of imagination for the title but as you listen you shall realise it is all justified. This track showcases the depth of her vocals with an urban edge, and a really interesting rhythm which has me hooked! 

Save Your Heart
A lovely smooth piece. Nice tones on the strings which accompany the gorgeous soft sweet vocals. 

No More
Love, this beautiful track shows not just Leanne's soft but strong vocals, it gives a little insight into her lovely soul.

Glass House
This track has a slighter darker tone, highlighting her soft tones with equally soft melodies. Bouncing them off  nicely against rough punchy vocals. 

Count My Blessings
rhythmic delight with the vocals, yet with a smooth undertone of the melody. 

Leanne Louise.. The lady who will make you smile :)

Think positive. Be happy. x