Grooveact - Endless

@blackholerec - Wildlife 689-0 / iTunes Link.

Grooveact delivers two brand new tracks in one go on the Wildlife imprint. Both tracks have a little funky house groove going on, though ‘Endless’ has a dreamier vibe whereas ‘Tension’ is more suitable for the dance floors. 
Endless - Single, Grooveact
Grooveact is the alias of Jaimy, mostly known from DJ duo Jaimy & Kenny D, on which he releases his house productions. Back in 1990 Jaimy was one of the first Dutch producers who succeeded in earning a living with house music, signing his first record deal at the age of 19. In 1998 he met his musical partner Kenny D with whom he has released and still releases some major dance floor smashers and remixes of classics such as TiĆ«sto’s ‘Flight 643’. A few years later the guys set up their own label Fatal Tracks and later Jaimy started his solo labels Fatal Music and Drum Mode. A mastering service company followed suit. 

Jaimy, thus in this case Grooveact, loves to combine all spectrums of the house genre; soulful, vocal, funk, disco, dark, deep and dirty and his sets are always uplifting, pumping and sexy. He’s an artist who lives to make people dance.

Think positive. Be happy. x