Joking Around

So I had a witty moment and created Adam. He is a fictional character, who tends to be a little out of touch with modern life...

After searching every nook and cranny in the house, a flustered Adam walks into the kitchen. His mother quizzes him on what the matter was. Scratching his head, he says "I'm late for work and I can't seem to find my imaginary friend anywhere!"

Adam is waiting nervously outside the interview room, the man beside him leans over and whispers "people can be real bumlickers for this position you know". The assistant calls Adam's name, who is now bewildered by the comment. Entering the room, he immediately drops to his knees, "well turn around and let's get this over with then."

As Adam gently rubs his sore privates and sobs quietly, he murmers "Well, that's the last time I try tea-bagging".

Reading the finance section in the newspaper, Adam see's the following headlines: Apple highly ranked over the Blackberry; Orange sales have plummeted. Shaking his head, he mutters to himself "grocery shopping is really competitive these days."

Adam: "I have decided to follow in the footsteps of my idol, Ben Stiller. I am going to be a male model!"
Adam's father: "Oh Adam, Zoolander is just a film."

Think positive. Be happy. x