The Top 3 Commercial Brands In #Festive #Advertising

There are two types of people around the end of the year: Those who eagerly anticipate the festive season and those who may celebrate the occasion but get frustrated by the prior months of promotion. 

To brands, Christmas is one of the biggest periods of the year to gain the most focus and customers. And when it comes to advertising, this is no exception, each company competes for attention to create the most magical, heartfelt and memorable campaign. 

There is no doubt of which companies are leading the way:

3. Cadbury
I'm actually struggling to remember many, aside from the one where the children wake up to a street all wrapped up. The reason why they come in third, is that what I do remember is when the time does come for their ads, they fully ingrain their branding well and create a little playful piece which viewers enjoy. Their signature purple is probably what you'll always remember about them.

2. John Lewis
Yes, they are designed to make your heart all fuzzy and emotional. This is a perfect example of how advertising has captured people's attention, people now look to John Lewis every year and wait for this visual creation with excitement. This year's is once again poignant, and has a nod to being charitable and caring towards the elderly. Although this stirs up some mentions of why they are not just simply donating themselves, they are wanting to present themselves as a wholesome brand in a big public showcase. 

1. Coca Cola
That truck, the lights, the magical jingle. They have pretty much perfected marketing, and I don't even need to say more than that as it just speaks for itself - memorable, charming and delightful. 

Think positive. Be happy. x