PREMIERE: DaDa NaDa - Je Suis Paris! (House of Virus Remix)


Crying out for peace, this spirited release exerts strength to the world. The edit is energetic and colourful whilst the vocalists are singing their hearts out with the best of intentions.  

DaDa NaDa is the solo moniker for Robert Ozn whose synth-pop duo EBN/OZN were early-80s pioneers of music sampling and are credited with producing the first commercially released record created on a computer in the USA, the Top 20 Billboard Dance Chart hit AEIOU Sometimes Y. DaDa NaDa broke the Billboard Top Five in 1989, with the House hit Haunted House which according to MTV news, made him the first white House Music artist to ever chart in the USA. Also hitting Top Five, was the 1990 smash Deep Love. DaDa NaDa worked with the Godfather of House the late Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Bad Boy Bill, John Luongo and Mike Hitman Wilson.

A pro-peace, anti-terrorism advocate, DaDa NaDa is passionate about free speech and the rights of artists to express themselves without the threat of violence or prosecution. Inspired by the Charlie Hebdo murders, the Nov 2015 Paris terror attacks and the subsequent California tragedy, he has produced his first record in 25 years: the anthem Je Suis Paris! a rallying cry for peace to show solidarity with all victims of terror worldwide and to inspire courage in all hearts.

“At this point in my life I no longer care about things that used to be important to me when I was young: fame, extravagant materialism, self-aggrandizement -- for when people are murdered for watching a rock band or drawing a cartoon, those superficialities strike me as Theatre of the Absurd.  All that matters to me is my spiritual life, my family, love, my creativity, reframing my narrative, friends, and the end of suffering for all beings.” DaDa NaDa

Written & produced by DaDa NaDa with Universal Music writer Gabe Lopez and remixed by Gaydio DJ Richard Cutmore (five Billboard #1s), the release features club, radio and instrumental mixes, with additional EDM Deep House mixes by American newcomer Mntna.

Think positive. Be happy. x