Just a little Q&A x

Interview with Christopher (Permanent St8 producer) 

Tell us a bit about yourself
Well, first and foremost, I am a sincere dude with a touch of craziness.
It is very difficult for me to lie - no I'm not kidding hehe, at least once ^^ - life is short..... in it ! I'm very creative too - Well I think so at least  I like to simplify things and get things done properly 

How did you get started in the industry?
Well at first I started off by producing Techno, and then moved on to Electro until I found my love in Trance music - Progressive Trance mainly. I fused my electro influences in our trancey tunes - you'll soon know why when our four released will be out next month with Mindamusic records ^^

Do you have any tips/advice for young producers/DJs?
The best advice I think is to keep on pushing hard and never give up

Who are your influences?
Ferry Corsten, Armin , Tenishia who are a local duo, Sean Tyas, Vitalic as well - some electro influences there

Favourite song of all time?
hmmmmm, My fave song of all time is, let me think - this is a hard question. New Born - Muse 

What have you got planned for the future music wise?
Try to get famous, not for the money, but for the recognition; and respect; and to show some ''people'' what we can do.

Lucky dip question - sink or swim?

Any last words?
Don't let go, you got the music in you !

Think positive. Be happy. x