The Growth of Music
Music is always changing, people are always learning and new talent emerging every day. Then why are there still the stereotypes of genres? Music is an expression... Read More

Music Promotion & More
When I receive a personal message from someone who has clearly done their research and has genuine passion for music then they have my full attention and respect. This may be a long process but in my opinion the work will pay off and you'll be able to build up a network... Read More

How to Determine the Value of Your Antique Piano
So you have this beautiful piano you purchased ages ago. After mulling over, you have finally decided to sell it for a good price. But before receiving the amount of money you desired from your musical instrument, it is best to take note of several factors that can affect its value... Read More

Le UK Garage c'est quoi? by DJ Dice
Mouvement musical électronique né au Royaume-Uni au début des années 90. Il s'inspire du Garage US et surtout d'un producteur en particulier Todd Edwards. Renommé Speed Garage en Angleterre, il ce différencie de ces origines US avec un rythme plus rapide... Read More

KayJay talks about the commercialism of music from an industry perspective
There are no shortcuts in the music biz unless you sell your soul to the devil. It takes sacrifice and graft. Even if you graft there are no guarantees So you gotta have passion... Read More

I talk to The Sassy Yank about staying positive in the music industry
People do need to realize you do not have to allow the negative things that have ocurred in your past dictate who you are today. You can use those experiences to help you be a better person today... Read More

Rascal Soundzone talks about the business side of uk garage music
Ever since I started getting into uk garage which wasn’t until 1996 I saw it progress and evolve rapidly over a very short time span. The views I am expressing here are totally of my personal opinion from my time djing, producing, working in and owning a record shop... Read More

Mizz Ruby - Music is more than sound. It can be a comforter, party maker, career path or a way of life. The Sassy Yank - Music is passion & adrenaline rolled into a pattern of music notes that create a permanent etching of a moment in my mind. Daniel Wanrooy - I think about it day and night. My head is always filled with melodies and music... sometimes so much it keeps me awake. I decided to live with it. Heartbreak DJ/MC - Music is a special language between lovers, its your voice when you cant find words, its pictures for your ears, it makes memories. Artful - For me music is everything, certain pieces of music have had such a profound effect on me during my lifetime, it has the ability to change moods and triggers so many memories etc, makes me believe that life can’t just be a coincidence. Shvona Lavette - Music is my freedom. Throughout my childhood and teenage years there were specific songs that spark cherished memories. That is the power of music. DJ Charma - The source of discovering your true self any time of day, and at any point in your life. Put a track on in the car and feel it take over you. This is what music is all about. When you’re a DJ you’re the conductor who makes the music take over your audience. Such an amazing feeling, but perhaps only a fraction of what it must feel like to play own your music live in a concert to thousands of people. I have so much admiration for these guys. All About She - Music has become a way of life for us and an obsession. It's all we do and we can't see ourselves doing anything else. LaTosha Brown - My first loves are people and music. I am extremely passionate about people and the music that inspires, moves and encourages the human spirit to persevere. It is for that reason why I study, collect, write and perform music from different genres. I am passionate about witnessing the power of music in other cultures around the world. Matthew Daniel - Music is a life line, it isn’t just a hobbie and that passion that I put into making songs not only is positive it’s a vice. I may not be a singer-performer, a lot of big industry people expect musicians to do it all and this idea is unrealistic. I went through major heart surgery when I was five. I was given a piano when I recovered and I live with issues surrounding mental health music, family and friends, life is a working in progress, my problems might not be yours, I quit while I was in my final years, my degree that is, but I didn’t give up. I did put music on hold to complete my degree, music is my path in my life and that is what music means to me. Production has given me a direction, and a reason to work hard, or be a really annoying perfectionist. Josh Lasden - Music is life, a way to express yourself and share emotions. Southstar Radio - Music to us is a community of people enjoying the sounds. the barriers we put up around ourselves come down when we participate in music, be it listening, dancing or playing. it strips away the protection and lets us see the real you. you can hear that one song and it just unites everyone. Cessle Innit - The birth of one's child is the only feeling that comes close to getting lost in music. Rokuro - Music joins people together from all around the world, without music life would be pretty boring. As probably most of your best memorable moments in your life involved music in one way or another. To borrow one of the best music quote's of all time from the legendary Jimi Hendrix. which sums me up perfectly in a few words. 'music is my religion'. DJ Mike Mission - Music means freedom to me, I am naturally creative so I feel a great sense of emotional freedom when I mix, produce or even listen to music. I need it everyday, no matter what I'm doing! DJ Don - Now it's so much more accessible, so you enjoy it more and more. Now you can play your music anywhere you like, you don't need 15 gadgets to do it! Music means the same to me as it did back then, it's always been part of me and obviously it will carry on. 1OV - Music is a lifeline for me. As an 18 year old coming from the quaint county off Surrey, the urban electronic dance music scene, which is beginning to reinvent itself, is exciting for me. the fusion of older ideas with modern technology and new abilities gives anyone the opportunity o express themselves in creative ways. Karina Nistal - Music means everything to me. it's my substance, relief, my soundtrack, my element, my inspiration, and utter existence.