Music Promotion & More..

This post was inspired by music man... +douglas baptie 

The first topic raises the issue of promotion. Why New Artists Should Forget About Publicity - discusses simply dismissing anything in the emails that follow the same bland structure. Receiving promos is always great for me, I love hearing new music and amazing talent, however I agree with the notion that impersonal mail outs sent to 100s of others all the time is a little tiresome to be raking through. When I receive a personal message from someone who has clearly done their research and has genuine passion for music then they have my full attention and respect. This may be a long process but in my opinion the work will pay off and you'll be able to build up a network and be taken seriously. For example we all get annoyed with telemarketers trying to shove a ppi claim in your face but perhaps if they did their research and took a personal touch and found people who really needed their help then they wouldn't get hung up on all the time.. But then I'm going back to my previous discussion on genuine people in the music industry - The Growth Of Music. Even Jon Richardson said "Why is nobody reporting the fact that music is dead?" - in reference to Miley Cyrus.. but really thinking on an international scale gives me a headache! My advice is keep away from the fakeness and stay true to what you love doing. 

Do what you love; with all your heart may I add. I would love to be able to do a really wicked mix or create an absolute banger or two, but I don't because I know I just don't have the skills. There are far too many no name "DJ's" who just think oooh cool I'll jump on my laptop and overuse that fade in/out feature with the all the latest hyped up chart pop nonsense and now I'm a good dj! No. My respect goes to those who have been working hard in the music scene and is passionate about their work in music. Always learning and always feeling good about what they do. Not for the money or image, but for themselves and their passion for music. 

Think positive. Be happy. x