New DJ Talent Show ? What's next? MC Idol??

Have you got the DJ Factor? #commercialhype
DJ'ing is a whole other world compared to judging singers, what do you lot think? Who would you want on the panel? Oh and how long are these auditions going to be???? I can just see any old virtual DJ getting through playing what is in the charts.. drop me out.

Yes, that's right. Simon Cowell's production company have officially announced the new talent contest for DJ's! We know Will Smith and Jada are in partnership with this idea, but will it actually be any good? And who will be on the panel? Rumour has it Cheryl Cole could be a judge... since when did she know much about DJ'ing??? Hmm is this all just another way to entertain the public. Speaking for the talented DJ's around I hope not. 

Cowell says 'DJs are the new rock stars, it feels like the right time to make this show.' .. This to me sounds like he is just going with the "craze" and wanting to share the popularity of DJ'ing, but is his heart truly in it?

It could go one of two ways.. either the shit DJ's wil go through along with some average ones to keep the public entertained and up the ratings.. or the show will actually be taken seriously and pure talent will go through. Only time will tell.

Find out more here: Metro Link