Love Life

So I have a new found American buddy @TheSassyYank and we had a little chat about positivity..

> Do you enjoy what you do? Do you get to do that as your regular job?
> i enjoy it with a passion, music is everything to me, and i currently dont earn much through it but i am building it up and i am gona make it my business, and be self employed, i can never go into anything i dont have an interest in so music is perfect for me > That is great, totally understand that. Would so love to be able to do this fulltime lol I am sure many think that way. > yeaaa, its whether you have that confidence to to do it n start from scratch and build youself up That is right, and are willing to put in the work it takes to do it. Along with many other things, like gaining respect in the industry etc > yeaa, it is hard , im young and have built myself up for two years now and a lot of people think oh she's just a kid or whatever but im slowly gettin the respect and people realise that you are serious about what you do > Well, your drive will get you there, regardless of what others think. Age can make it hard for people to take you seriously, but it is definitely not something that cannot be overcome. If you keep on, they will realize young or not, you have a talent. > yep exactly that, you just gotaa keep working hard and doing what you love
> Exactly, if you have a passion behind it, it will show. > yep indeed it will , a lot of people i know just go through life not enjoying everything they do, i tihnk if you want something you should go do it, take risks, just be happy  > See that is the attitude to have. I have done soooooo much that people have said I will never do. But, I just ignore them and do what I want. lol And have managed to show them they were wrong. > hahaa , if your not positive about things your always gona be down and negative i think > lol people tease me about being too positive. My staff used to shake their heads at me and laugh as whenever something bad went down I found a way to look at the bright side. haha People do need to realize you do not have to allow the negative things that have ocurred in your past dictate who you are today. You can use those experiences to help you be a better person today. Learn from those experiences regardless if you had a choice in how those experiences played out. > i never thought of that , that is a good way to think of that as well, we've all had bad experiences buts its about learning to to overcome them be happy in spite of those bad things > exactly, and extracting what you can from that experience to better who you are today. And be positive and happy just to spite it...yeah that is my sparky side speaking lol I will be positive just to spite it lol