La'Reda vs. Deadcell - Synthasourus Rex + Risk Everything (Deadcell Remixes)

La'Reda present the follow up to their debut single on the Rub A Duck imprint,  featuring the tracks "Synthasourus Rex" and "Risk Everything", both now remixed by Deadcell. 

The boys from U.S. based La'Reda have a biography that cuts right to the chase: 'an electro house duo with an addiction to bass, a dance floor orgasm and the insane in all its forms'. In the last three months the two producers have delivered a total of 11 original singles and 3 remixes; slowing down doesn't fit their description. At the legendary Coachella music festival this year they had the audience sweating it up during their live sets and at the record breaking Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas things pretty much went the same. With the original versions of the tracks presented here,  La'Reda made it perfectly clear why their music has such a huge effect on their audience.

The U.K. formation Deadcell doesn't mind a slightly elusive haze around their name. They have been described as 'the bastard love child of a long standing trance producer and an up and coming dubstep DJ/producer'. Fact is that Deadcell's output definitely rocks the clubs all over the world and receives the support of many heavy weight DJs. It truly has made them the best unknown producers of today. 

The originals of both titles scored big time with the large crowds, especially because of the unique mixture of techno, trance, electro and splash of maximal house in it. For the remixes, however, Deadcell decided to give both cuts a massive overhaul. "Syntasaurus Rex" was turned into a no holds barred dubstep rendition that paves the dance floors with reinforced beats and bass drops. For "Risk Everything" Deadcell approached things from the other end of trade and carved out a killer electro house version with some serious maximal synth sweeps, stretched to the max vocal edits and a massive break. This means two tracks for every DJ that is ready to rumble. Literally. 

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