Shvona Lavette - Brand New

Shvona Lavette's third single off her forthcoming album Gossamer. The Indie singer/songwriter, comparable to Imogen Heap and Lykke Li, sings about love's ability to make her heart feel "brand new." The song was produced by popular UK dubstep/grime DJ Plastician.  

Coming off of her dance heavy debut album 3 Percent and Rising last summer, Shvona Lavette turns the page in her musical career with the  January 2013 release of her follow up album, Gossamer. Gossamer encompasses a broad range of bass heavy, slow dubstep sounds laced with sultry lyrics that draw upon the singer's personal life. The album displays a wide variety of songs and emotions that draws the audience into the world of Shvona Lavette.

Think positive. Be happy. x