"Keep Real" ENCORE Official Music Video - EXIT VINE Extras

Red Bull have created their first original scripted YouTube series called "Exit Vine".  For this series, Red Bull has enlisted the UK YouTube sensation Mia Rose as one of the main characters. 

Since 2007, Mia has set the bar high, as she served as a judge for the Portuguese version of "The Voice" (A Voz De Portugal) in 2011; in 2012 she opened for the James Morrison tour in Portugal and became the voice of "Audrey" for the Portuguese version of the hit movie Lorax; and in early 2013, Mia signed on with Red Bull for their fictional scripted YouTube series  "Exit Vine" in Los Angeles.  

Playing the character "Encore" in "Exit Vine", Mia Rose shows off her singing skills with all original music made for the show.  Her character is a famed pop star that has unfortunately let fame and fortune mould her into a "self entitled brat" and feels threatened by any newcomer who might out shine her. 

Check out the first four episodes of "Exit Vine" (here) and bonus clips of Mia Rose performing as her character Encore (here). Below is more information on "Exit Vine". Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you! 

About Exit Vine
“Exit Vine” is the first scripted, interactive web series from Red Bull Media House, a global media company that delivered one of the first sports channels on YouTube. "Exit Vine" follows the journey of Natalie Lake, a singer/songwriter from the Midwest who moves to Los Angeles to start a band in pursuit of the "Hollywood Dream."The series features YouTube celebrities Mia Rose and HiimRawn (Makers Studio) and breakout star Hannah Mullholland.

What sets “Exit Vine” apart is the  series is  written in collaboration with the YouTube audience. After each episode, the audience will help the band make a pivotal decision by casting a vote in the comment box.   The next episode will be written based upon the most popular votes.  Since the series debut, viewers have helped determine the name of the band -"Ambicide,"  the new bass player - "Sinon,"  and the music video that marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band.

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