Solarstone - Please

@blackholerec - Black Hole 542-0

Collectively, "The Spell", "Pure", "Fireisland", "Falcons" and "Jewel" have sonically outlined and defined his pure trance perspective - ushering in a new age of Solarstone in the process. Inspired by the dying moments of The Smiths "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want", Richard Mowatt is ready to dispatch another #puretrance communiqué to the floor. Please welcome, "Please". 

From its spoken “pure unbounded joy” start-point, the vocal aspect of "Please" also becomes the track’s stated mission. On his new Pure version, Solarstone initially opens the mix’s throttle wide, balancing the high-wire tension of its engaging sub-riffs with TNT drums and voracious bass. Momentarily tempering the tone, the drop opens the door to chiming iridescence, Med-inflected guitars and the tranquil pacific lucidity of its vocal message.

Mining a comparably rich pure trance seam come the steroid beats, sky-kissing riffs and all-round unchecked energy of Bryan Kearney’s remix firestarter. Post-break, the Irishman snares a furious acidic sequence into the mix, using pitching 303 loops, underpinned by primal 909-channeling kicks, to generate a floor thunderbolt. 

Making sure no floor/time of the night goes untouched, Rich expands ‘Please’s original album vision into an 8-minute Extended Mix colossus. With its scene-stealing beat-free overture providing classic set-starting ignition, he masterfully rushes the atmosphere, providing the perfect Pure Mix alternative spin. 

Beware of pale imitations… accept no substitute - "Please" is manna for trance purists worldwide.

Think positive. Be happy. x