Franky Nuts - Big Dreams EP

@blackholerec / @rub_a_duck - RAD 050 

Franky Nuts hasn't been idling since his introduction to the Rub A Duck imprint with his 2012 debut, the "Go Nuts EP". Steadily working on new output from that moment on, the DJ/producer now releases his brand new, five track "Big Dreams EP".  

19 year old Franky Nuts a.k.a. Frank Notenboom hails from Roosendaal, The Netherlands. Already described by the critics as one of the biggest talents in the Dutch dubstep scene, Franky doesn't confine himself to one style; his productions move from drum 'n' bass to electro and rave, with regular side projects in other genres. His very first release, a remix assignment for "Anita's Theme" by Tha Roofas vs. Dunugoz, was picked up immediately and led to another remix, this time for the Freestylers hit "Over You", which Franky conceived in collaboration with Azzeration. When he eventually dropped his 2012 debut the “Go Nuts EP”, featuring such titles as “Animal”, “Feels Like Yesterday” and “Bang Like This” he gained instant support and was even played on Dutch 3FM Radio. Nowadays signed to the Subway Agency, 'The Nuts' makes countless DJ appearances all over The Netherlands and still finds the time to organize his own ”Kill The DJ” events.  

On the "Big Dreams EP", Franky expands from his previous one. With productions that definitely aim for hard beat programming, the tracks all sport elaborate, soundtrack-esque synth arrangements, confirming that strong melodics in dubstep add extra strength to the allover sound. "Big Dreams", "Forever", "Light Glow, "Royale" and "Units" all represent the Franky Nuts style, with a dark underground, sometimes off-beat, grimy flow and massive drops, but with a professional ear to please the crowds.

Think positive. Be happy. x