Wess - Tropic Lines

@blackholerec - Black Hole 553-0 

After his outstanding debut, the vocal tune "Crashing Down" which he recorded with Jade Ross, Wess is back with his incredible follow up "Tropic Lines" 

Wess, also known as Mihael Veselić, is a 21-year-old DJ/Producer. At age 13, Wess started experimenting with music when he got his first version of Fruity Loops. Music quickly took over his life and so far, Mihael has engineered an abundance of hard-hitting tracks, in addition to a plethora of bombs ready for release. Wess's debut record, entitled "Evolve", was released on Ministry of Sound TV, and has amassed over 85,000 views. He recently teamed up with the Jade Ross who delivered the vocals for this splendid debut single "Crashing Down". This time Wess presents his solo effort "Tropic Lines". 

"Tropic Lines" is Wess's latest electro house production that features subtle maximal house influences. Expanding his style in order to serve DJs of multiple genres, it is the driving synth chorus of "Tropic Lines" that will fan the fire on the dance floors some more. Party track to the max.

Think positive. Be happy. x