Alex O'rion - Don't Look Back

@blackholerec - Magik Muzik 1054-0 

Preceded by the energetic singles "The Friendly Giant", "Tornado" and "Sunchaser", "Don't Look Back" is Alex O'Rion's latest studio production set to propel Alex's name skywards. 

The past year saw Alex O'Rion steadily working on release after release, seizing every opportunity to stockpile hit on top of hit. The A&R manager of the Terminal 4 imprint could easily be working on a new artist album, but so far that assumption is based on rumors. Still his singles "Letters From Jupiter", "Blueprint", "Satellite" and the later on released debut album "The Bigger Room" have proven that O'Rion has the skills to come up with a new long-player sooner rather than later. Dropping epic remixes for Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate and Arnej in the meantime, Alex even found the time for a remix of the Richard Durand and Pedro Del Mar track "Paint The Sky" before he finished "Don't Look Back". 

Burning up the room with the a driving synth theme on the 16th notes, Alex O'Rion gives a new definition of trance on the tech tip. With references to his earlier output, "Don't Look Back" breathes an exciting bit of fresh air through today's trends of string programming. Focusing strongly on the exchanges with the beats, "Don't Look Back" pumps hard, arches into an artfully interplayed break and signs off with a sky scraping climax that'll be applauded by every DJ's audience.

Think positive. Be happy. x