Crisis - A Little Rusty

@blackholerec / @rub_a_duck | Rub A Duck 068

Crisis debuts on Rub A Duck with a superb drum and bass EP that brings back the good old times of Roni Size, Goldie and Adam F. 

Black Hole Recordings’s avatarComing from a strong musical background and learning to play the guitar from an early age, Crisis has the ear and ability to create not just great produced Drum and Bass tracks, but great pieces of music, with a strong emphasis on complex harmonies and melodies. Drawing on influences such as Nirvana right through to drum and bass artists such as Calibre, music fans alike, no matter their preferred genre, can easily enjoy and appreciate the production and musical value of his music. 

With his debut two track EP set for release this autumn on the Imprint ‘Rub a Duck’,a sub label of the mighty Netherlands based Black Hole Recordings, Crisis is about to make his impact on the scene. With a high standard in production and strong musical influences his tracks were soon signed up to a high calibre label such as 'Rub A Duck’, with other artists on the roster such as ‘The Freestylers’, ‘Sound Avtar’, ‘Hectic’, ‘Kouncil House’ and‘Knightfreak’, the quality really does speak for itself. 

He is also renowned in his local city as being a talented Drum and Bass DJ, playing at many local nights he is no stranger to a pair of turntables. As well as playing in clubs he has recorded a series of mix tapes titled ‘Crisis Talks’, full of double drops and complex mixes. 

Crisis is set to release future projects through the imprint Rub a Duck, with a collaboration in the pipeline with the producer ‘Knightfreak’, it is worth keeping your ears peeled for this new producer on the scene.

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