O.Crow & L'Raquel - It Is What It Is

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One’s from Russia, one’s from the USA, together O. Crow and L’Raquel are definitely a force to be reckoned with. These kick ass ladies release their ‘It Is What It Is’ on the Rub-A-Duck label. This sturdy glitch hop track is an obvious warning to the world; O. Crow and L’Raquel are taking over! 
DJ Hectic has taken up a remixing this track adding extra spice to it, making the release complete. 

It Is What It Is - Single, O.CrowHailing from California, U.S., 23 year old L'Raquel is an exciting new name in the world of electronic / dubstep and trap. Active for over a year now, she already released a long list of tracks like "Never Drink Wine", "Blaze", "High For This", "F*ck With Me", "Mirror Mirror", "Roll One Up" (with Yung Incredible) and many others. She had her debut release on Rub-A-Duck only a few months ago with ‘Mind Ya Bizness’ together with F.I.69. 

Not pussyfooting around with a dime a dozen lyrics, L'Raquel represents a much needed breath of fresh air in today's avalanche of sugar coated, radio friendly female acts. 

Having grown up on the art of British electronic musicians (Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers left their imprint on the fragile teenager mentality), Russian O.Crow could not ignore the emergence of U.K. Garage in the late 90's, which led to her interest in dubstep. Although O.Crow always preferred the underground in her music preferences, she does not limit herself by one style and believes that high quality and interesting music can be found in any direction. However, the most bright emotions of the O.Crow causes heavy bass music, and it’s special musical vision she always wants to share with others.

Think positive. Be happy. x